James Gibson

James Gibson is a contributor for Wasteland Gamers specializing in producing written content in the fast-moving, ever-evolving, gaming market. He is an avid RPG fan and loves the Fallout series more than most. He's saved Liam Neeson from Tranquility Lane, seen every ending within FNV and he's even braved the hot mess that is Fallout 76, and what's more, he didn't hate it. James has been writing content within the gaming sector for many years, alongside myriad scriptwriting and reviewer roles all whilst being fully immersed in said sector.

Vault 111 Guide

Vault 111 Guide

The True Story of Vault 111 There is nothing that will unite a population more than the threat of imminent and massive mortal danger, and this is why the only way to prevent WW3 is the advent of alien invaders. However, this is beside the point and outside this article’s scope.  When the Sino-American war

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