Nuka World Open Season Guide

Fallout Nuka World Open Season Guide

In today’s gaming industry, we are somewhat spoiled for choice. Each genre has hundreds of titles to choose from, and rave reviews back up each and every one of them.

So, the task of actually finding a game you love has become harder and harder as the industry continues to expand and every Tom, Dick, and Harry tries to get a piece of the action and our hard-earned bucks.

However, from time to time, we might be lucky enough to stumble across a title that not only ticks all of our boxes but also has plenty of content to keep us busy and off of steam review pages for a couple of months.

However, as with all good things, this love story between gamer and game must also end as we burn through content like a fire in a hay barn. This is the point when we must brave the wilderness again and begin our search anew.

These were the exact feeling I had once I completed the main storyline of Fallout 4, as well as all the additional side-quests, the interesting ones at least. So, I decided to give up and move on, wait for the next Fallout game, and hope it would hit the shelves before my retirement.

However, I had forgotten about one thing, DLCs. Yes, I had forgotten about Fallout 4 DLCs and how Bethesda would not miss the opportunity to rinse every little bit of cash out of their new title before finally leaving the husk and moving on to their next title.

So, not before long, new content was released for my favorite game, and there I was again, encapsulated in the world of Fallout 4 and the post-apocalyptic wasteland I loved so much.

All DLCs aren’t created equal, and therefore some of the content created for Fallout 4 post-initial release was a little bit lackluster; however, this all changed when Bethesda released the sixth and final installment to the Fallout DLC run, Nuka World.

This DLC is not only one of the best and highest-rated pieces of additional content added to the game, but it is also home to one of the best side quests in this batch of DLCs, Open Season, the subject of this Nuka World Open Season guide.

However, before we truly get into the Open Season quest, we must first understand the Nuka World DLC within which it takes place. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get right into it!

A Brave New Nuka World

Fallout 4 - Nuka World Open Season

As mentioned, the Nuka World DLC was the sixth to be released for Fallout 4; therefore, it had some pretty high expectations placed on its shoulders after the disappointment many fans felt over the previous releases.

The DLC begins once the player passes level 30 as the game will start to subtly lace mentions of the location throughout NPC dialogue within the significant settlements.

However, if you somehow miss this, Bethesda has ensured that they include an incredibly heavy-handed option by allowing the player to suddenly hear a new radio frequency, one entitled Nuka-Cola Family Radio.

When the player tunes into this broadcast for the first time, they will hear an advertisement for the Nuka-World Amusement Park, a place which promises to be the ideal getaway for the entire family, because who doesn’t want to take their small children to a sugary drink themed, robot infested amusement park for the day, am I right?

After the broadcast is heard in full, the player will be tasked with traveling to the theme park, located to the far west of the map, right at the world border.

Upon the arrival of the sole survivor, it probably won’t take the player long to learn that the old amusement park is not what it used to be. As with most abandoned locations within the Commonwealth, it has now become the home of several wild denizens.

Due to these new inhabitants, entry to the park no longer requires a simple ticket. Instead, the Sole Survivor must now make their way through a trial or game known only as ‘The Gauntlet.’

Should the player survive this ordeal, they must maneuver their way through the park to find the overlord and boss of the raiders currently living out of the park, Overboss Colter.

After this rather nasty fellow is located, the player must dispatch him in order to become the new boss of the park and begin their next task, taking over the entire facility. This will also allow the player to start the Open Season quest.

In Brief

Fallout 4 - Nuka World Open Season

  • The Nuka World DLC can be started after the player reaches level 30.
  • Preston Garvey can give the player the quest; however, most players will get the Nuka World quest from the new radio signal.
  • The Nuka World Amusement park location can be found on the far west of the map.
  • Upon arrival at the theme park, the player must go through a gauntlet to enter the park.

Open Season Indeed

After the gauntlet has been completed and the player has managed to wipe out  Overboss Colter, you can begin the Open Season quest by either talking to Mackenzie Bridgeman or Preston Garvey; each will task the player with wiping out the raiders within the theme park.

However, you do not need to kill every last raider as the quest dialogue would suggest; you merely have to kill the heads of each raider group.




The sole survivor’s first target will be Nisha, the leader of a group of raiders going by the name, The Disciples. While she is probably one of the more sane members of the Nuka World raiders, she is still not someone to be trusted.

Because, within her conversations with the player, she will repeatedly talk about her distrust and dislike of her fellow leaders, especially Overboss Colter.

Nisha and her raider guild can be found at Fizztop Mountain, a large free-standing monument within the park. This location can be found right in the middle of the park and is quite hard to miss given its unique architecture and 100-meter height.

After this location is found and the player manages to speak with Nisha, she will try and persuade the sole survivor to side with her clan of raiders, telling the player that “if you side with the Disciples, the whole Commonwealth will fear us – and with fear, comes power.”

Not only does this line of dialogue display why people such as Preston Garvey want Nisha and her crew eradicated, but it also gives the player an insight into what life would be like as the leader of the Disciples and how they would shape the Commonwealth together.

This, therefore, leaves the player with a decision, either spare Nisha and take her Disciples under your wing, killing all other groups, or you can simply begin the Open Season quest in earnest and kill her.

In the interest of this guide, let’s assume you do the right and moral thing by killing her. However, before killing her, you should probably engage with some of the quests she can offer you, including A Goods Defense, Collaring Outside the Lines, and Under the Collar.

Once these are completed, Nisha should be eliminated. Depending on your level, when you confront Nisha, she will be between level 49 and 69, with hit points ranging from 740 to 1340.

Either way, Nisha will be no slouch for most players. She will also fight the player with a plasma gun and her special Disciples blade, so keep this in mind when journeying to Fizztop Mountain.

Mags and William Black

Mags and William Black

After the death of Nisha, the player will be tasked with hunting down and killing the next raider commander within the confines of Nuka World, Mags the Black, as well as her brother Willaim. Mags, the leader of the Operators gang, can be found within The Parlor, the former Nuka World theatre. William also resides here.

The Parlor and the home of the Operators gang can be found directly south of Fizztop Mountain and just north of Nuka Town USA. Once inside, the player will find that the former theatre has become a dark and stingy shadow of its former self, hosting rather unseemly denizens.

Mags will often be found either in the Parlor’s stage area or her own private room just to the right of the stage. William also shares this room with Mags and is never far from her side. A weird relationship, if I say so myself.

Much like Nisha, Mags has her own view of the world, a view she would happily bring to fruition with the sole survivor at her side as she endlessly discusses her need for more and more caps. Unlike Nisha, it would seem she wishes to rule the Commonwealth with the quiet power of money rather than fear.

However, even though this method of control may seem safer and better for the normal people of the Commonwealth, Mags is still a hardened raider, willing to steal from or kill anyone who gets in her way, including the other gang leaders.

When the player decides to finally kill Mags and, therefore, William, they may want to have already completed quests, including A Goods Defense, Collaring Outside the Lines, and Under the Collar. Once these quests have been taken care of, the sole survivor should prepare for another hard battle.

This is because you will never get to battle Mags by herself; she will almost always have the support of her brother William as well as other members of their crew. However, Mags has no special weapons and traits; therefore, she may be a bit easier to deal with than others on this list.

On the other hand, William has a high hit point rating, beginning at 40 and leveling alongside the player. This, combined with his full set of heavy armor, makes him a rather difficult man to put down.



Easily the most colorful and perhaps likable raider commander within the confines of Nuka Word, Mason is the leader of The Pack raider gang and goes by the title of Alpha.

Alongside this animal-themed gang name and title, Mason and his followers are known to wear face paint and dress extravagantly in order to express their animal natures.

Through dialogue with both Mason and his gang, it is revealed that the leader of this clan is chosen based on strength; therefore, The Pack is prone to leadership struggles and change, with Mason himself admitting that he ousted his former leader by tarring and feathering him in a cruel act of betrayal.

Despite his colorful reputation and seemingly deranged gang, it would appear that Mason is actually the only sane gang leader there is within Nuka World.

I say this because he often talks to the player about working alongside them and continuing down a future wherein peace could be a possibility. He also does not talk about taking over the rest of the clans or his overall idea for claiming the Commonwealth as the Blacks or Nisha do.

To find Mason, the player must head to the Bradberton Amphitheatre, which can be found to the southwest of the Parlor and northwest of Nuka Town USA. Once there, the player will interact with several members of the Pack, each with their own face/armor paint as a means of boasting.

These Pack members are divided into separate divisions, including a Pack Scavver, Pack Waster, Pack Survivalist, and a Pack Veteran, amongst many others.

Should the player decide to kill Mason instead of siding with the Pack, you will likely wish to exhaust all dialogue options with the Alpha.

If you pick all red options and succeed, he will gift the player with a legendary handmade rifle named the Problem Solver. Once this is done, the player can happily proceed and kill the Alpha. Unlike his title, he is actually one of the easier leaders to kill.

In Brief:

Nuka World

  • The player must kill four certain raiders in order to complete Open Season. These people include Nisha, Mags and William Black, and Mason.
  • A legendary weapon named the Problem Solver can be obtained from Mason should all red dialogue options be completed well.
  • All of these leaders will try, in their own way, to persuade the player to join/choose their clan and help them dominate the rest of the gangs.

Closing the Season

Once all of these raider leaders have been dealt with, and all the hangers-on have been taken care of, the player should head to Mackenzie Bridgeman in order to tell them that the targets have been taken care of.

This means that the traders wishing to operate within Nuka World are now free to do so, and this will therefore change their dialogue towards the player, serving as a reminder of a job well done.

Completing this quest will garner the player a 600+ XP boon and sees the end of the main Nuka World quest thread.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Which is better, Far Harbor or Nuka World?

Answer: There is no right or wrong answer to this question; it mostly comes down to personal preference regarding aesthetics and the central quests. However, Far Harbor is harder and more open-ended, whilst Nuka World has better loot and is more interesting to explore.

Question: How many Endings does Nuka World Have?

Answer: There are two major endings possible in Nuka World, wherein the player character chooses to be a good person and kills all of the raider leaders by completing the Open Season quest. The other ending involves the sole survivor choosing to help a raider gang in order to grow in power throughout the Commonwealth.

Question: How many Hours is Nuka World?

Answer: In order to complete the main story of Nuka World, the player will need to dedicate roughly 11 hours to the DLC; however, should the player wish to complete the DLC and get their money’s worth fully, it will take 20 hours.

Nuka World Open Season Guide: Final Remarks

So, there you have it, a complete and dedicated guide to the Nuka World DLC quest, Open Season. This quest is probably the final main action most players experience in their first entire playthrough of Fallout 4, as this sixth DLC is the last entry, to date, in the lifespan of this game.

In my opinion, Nuka World is one of the better Fallout 4 DLCs; however, it still falls short compared with DLCs from the other Fallout games.

However, should you still enjoy these DLCs as I do, I genuinely hope you have found this guide interesting and got something useful out of it. Either way, good luck out and there, and have fun in your new theme park!

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