Fallout 76 Secret Service Armor Guide

Fallout 76 Secret Service Armor Guide – Not So Secret Anymore

As the world of Fallout was taken online and the Sole Survivor was joined by friends and acquaintances from all around the world, many new exciting and interesting challenges were thrown at us die-hard fallout fans that we had never experienced before. 

Prior to the release of Fallout 76, I never really cared what my character looked like, of course, I would always try and get my hands on some of the best gear for my unique playstyle, but the overall aesthetic appeal of my Fallout 76 character was never a concern. However, when the wasteland experience was taken online, Bethesda knew what they were doing by increasing the amount of armor and general apparel in the game. This allowed players to show off their hard-earned outfits and protective gear in a quasi ‘look at me’ style brag. 

Many games have done this in the past, especially MMOs such as World of Warcraft; however, this was the first time that such a tactic got its claws deep in me, pushing me to play more and more of the game just to secure a better or ‘Legendary’ piece of armor for my collection, slowly climbing my way up the ranks until I hit the holy land – Secret Service Armor. 

Today’s guide is about my favorite armor in the entire game, the Secret Service Armor. This set has quickly become a fan favorite since its induction via the Wastelanders update to Fallout 76, with many players scrambling to get their hands on the highly sought-after rig. 

So, with all this being said, in this Fallout 76 Secret Service Armor guide we are going to look at this set of armor, everything that makes it so unique and attractive to players, and how you can get your dirty, irradiated paws on the complete set. Let’s go!

Place in The World

As with pretty much any completed set of cool armor in the Fallout universe, the Secret Service Armor is a remnant of the pre-war world. We do not know what branch of the United States government this section of the secret service was supporting, but we do know that they were based out of Appalachia. 

If you are looking to complete this entire set, the player will also need to get their hands on the Secret Service under armor. Together, these armor pieces give the player the highest radiation resistance, great DR, and many other potential upgrades. 

fallout 76 secret service armor set
Image from Fallout Wiki Fandom

Where To Find This Armor

This armor was only added into the game with the Wastelanders update, allowing the player to either craft the armor or obtain it randomly through exploration and events. 

From my experience, it is pretty hard to find even a single piece of this armor when out in the wild, even if you engage with all the events throughout the IRL weeks. Therefore, you are best trying to build the armor yourself. Sadly, this is not necessarily a simple task either, as you will need to buy plans for each piece of the set from Regs, a vendor in Vault 79. 

To find this location, head to the northeast side of the map, venturing past the Beaily Family Cabin and the Converted Munitions Factory. Once you arrive in the vault, head down the corridor and follow the right-hand wall into the corner; here, you will find Regs.

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Acquiring Bullion

As nothing can be simple nowadays, you cannot buy these armor plans with caps like everything else in the game; Regs will only trade you the plans for the Secret Service Armor in exchange for gold bullion, with each individual plan requiring a different amount. 

  • Helmet: 1650 bullion 
  • Underarmor: 250 bullion 
  • Arms: 750 bullion per arm
  • Chest: 1250 bullion 
  • Legs: 750 bullion per leg

There are a number of ways that you can acquire gold bullion in the game; however, one thing you must keep in mind is that there is a daily limit on the amount you can earn per IRL day in the game. 

The best way to earn this bullion is to earn Treasury Notes that can be traded for gold bullion down the line. Firstly, you can get these notes by doing various events and quests like the daily quest added into the game. With these notes in hand, you can trade them for bullion at the Gold Press Machine. Your daily allotment will likely top out at 40 Treasury Notes, exchanged into 400 gold bullion. 

Alternatively, if you want to trade your caps in for a greater bullion supply, you can buy 300 for 6,000 caps from Smiley in Wayward. Smiley was also added to the game with the Wastelanders update. 

Secrets Revealed

When you launch Fallout 76 for the first time after the Wastelanders update, you will not gain access to the gold bullion market straight away; you must complete the ‘Secrets Revealed’ quest for this. Once this quest is complete, you can engage with the gold bullion market. 

Getting Your Crafting In

fallout secret service armor

Once you have forked over the exorbitant amount of time and gold bullion required to gain all the plans for the secret service armor, the player will be able to craft the best armor in the game; however, as you will already know, to craft anything in this game, you’re going to need a couple of resources. Here are the materials needed per piece of armor:

  • Helmet – 3 plastic, one rubber, five steel, and one leather.
  • Underarmor – 9 circuitry and seven ballistic fibers.
  • Chest – 4 leather, one adhesive, 13 plastic, five rubber, and 17 steel. 
  • Arms – 2 leather, one adhesive, two rubber, ten steel, and one adhesive.
  • Legs – 2 leather, eight plastic, two rubber, one adhesive, and 12 steel. 

Legendary Modules

After you get your hands on all these silly materials, you will need to get your hands on yet another resource to allow you to even think about crafting this armor set. To be honest with you, once I got to this stage, I was done with the whole process and was very close to giving up entirely; however, after giving the game a rest for a day or two, I turned my PlayStation back on and went back to the grind. 

These ‘Legendary Modules’ that the player must get can only be retrieved from Purveyor Murmrgh, located at the Rusty Pick. To buy a legendary module, the player will have to engage with yet another new form of currency that has been added to the Fallout world in the Wild Appalachia update for Fallout 76, Legendary Script.

This means that to get your hands on the Secret Service Armor in Fallout 76, the player will need to gather a good amount of gold bullion and legendary script alongside the typical bottlecaps that the rest of the economy functions on. There are a number of ways a player can acquire legendary script throughout the game. 

  • The legendary script will be given in exchange when the player trades in legendary items to one of the Legendary Exchange Machines dotted around the train stations of Appalachia. 
  • The reward for certain daily and ally quests.
  • The reward for daily ops.
  • The reward for reaching certain S.C.O.R.E ranks.

Each legendary module will cost the player 50 legendary scripts; therefore, to buy enough legendary modules to complete the entire armor set, you will need to trade Purveyor Murmrgh 350 LS for seven legendary modules. This may sound like a lot, but most of you reading this guide will already have acquired a decent amount of this currency just by playing the game and a decent amount of legendary items that can be traded in for the LS. 

Modding Your New Armor

Now that you have crafted your new set of Secret Service Armor, you will want to add mods to increase the awesomeness of your amazing new armor. Your new armor’s chest, arms, and legs will allow you to add two mods per piece – one material and one miscellaneous mod. 

Which mod you pick for each piece of armor will be determined by your own playstyle; however, there are some standout mods for each piece of the armor. 

fallout 76 secret service armor materials

Material Mods

When building your armor mods, there is only one real material mod you should look at to ensure that you get the best armor set possible. You will be presented with four different options: Welded, Tempered, Hardened, and Buttressed. Each option is better than the other and, therefore, you should always choose Buttressed. 

In order to get the highest stats option, the player must buy the plan for Buttressed armor from Regs. This will cost the player a further 500 gold bullion per piece of armor upgrade. 

Miscellaneous Mods

Each armor piece will have many unique and useful mods that the player should take advantage of. However, most of these mods will be suited to a specific character build and playstyle. For example, some of these mods are for lightweight builds or melee/ranged combat players. You should always consider which one is best for you when moving forward. Here is a quick list of some of the best miscellaneous mods available to the player:

  • Deep-pocketed – This mod grants the player an additional ten points to carry weight overall.
  • Ultra-light Build – This one is perfect for those lightweight players as it reduces overall armor weight and adds five more action points.
  • Cushioned – This leg mod gives the player a reduction of 25% to falling damage.
  • Sleek – If you like to avoid combat or get that sneak damage bonus, this mod is for you as it gives the player a 5% bonus to sneak speed.

While all of these mods are amazing, there is only one real king of the hill when it comes to the secret service power armor mods, and that is the jetpack chest mod. With this mod, the player may have to sacrifice some of the damage resistance that other chest mods might provide, but I think the possibility of dying a little more often is much preferable when you can fly through the air every now and then. 

Sadly though, as the Jetpack mod is one of the most sought-after editions to this armor set, the developers have not made getting it very easy. To build this mod, the player will need a whole long list of materials:

  • 17 Adhesive and Aluminium.
  • 14 Asbestos.
  • 9 Nuclear Material.
  • 5 Stable Cobalt Flux and Stable Violet Flux.

With the Jetpack mod installed and a fetching color scheme chosen for your armor, you will be all set to stride around Appalachia with the best-looking and coolest set of armor in the game. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the Secret Service Armor the Best in Fallout 76?

Answer: While the secret service armor is not the best singular armor set in the entire game, the combination of looks, speed of movement, and potential mods make it one of the, if not the best, in the game.

Question: Is Fallout 76 any Good Now?

Answer: It is no secret that Fallout 76 got off to a really poor start, with the entire Fallout community coming out of their houses with pitchforks erected toward Todd Howard and his cronies. However, as updates have routinely come out for the game and the rampant bugs have been squashed, the game is entirely different from the original package, leaving us with something that is truly unique and worthwhile for any fan of the Fallout IP.

Question: Can Fallout 76 be Played as a Solo Player?

Answer: While the entire experience of Fallout 76 is online, there is no need for the player to find like-minded friends or strangers to enjoy the experience; you can very easily play the game by yourself and have a great deal of fun.


While there are many great new pieces of armor added to Fallout 76 with each new patch and update, there are some that stand head and shoulders above the rest. The Secret Service Armor is one of those sets that every player of Fallout 76 wants to get their hands on and show off to all their friends with.

While you have to do a great deal of work to get this armor in your hands and work to the best of its ability, the end result is truly worth it and definitely a good use of your in-game time if you ask me. I hope this guide has made acquiring the armor and modding it to your liking a little bit easier.

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