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Fallout is one of gaming’s most iconic franchises. Although plenty of games take place in a dark future ravaged by war, none seem to ever be able to match the strange, quirky horror that has been unleashed by the Fallout franchise over the years. 

When you try to qualify what exactly makes the Fallout franchise unique, it’s incredibly tough to boil it down to one thing. For me, it’s the atmosphere. Whether I’m exploring the remains of Washington D.C., the broken ruins of what was once Boston, or the disturbing semi-normalcy established in New Vegas, Fallout has a way of gripping you with the incredible worlds that it puts together. 

The world, the characters, the clothes, the weapons, the crazy armor. The sum of Fallout’s parts is a beautiful nightmare come together, and that is where the magic of the series lies.

With that in mind, wouldn’t you love to have a piece of this strange and disturbing universe in your home? I mean, I’m not saying you need to post a Ghoul up on your wall, but maybe we can find some other cool things for you to check out. Let’s explore some of the best Fallout merch. 

Fallout Merchandise

Where to find Fallout Merchandise?

When deciding from the world of Fallout Merchandise, we’ve got so many things to think about. Do we want something that actually serves a purpose? Or do we want something for the look of it? Luckily, there are tons and tons of options in this regard.

Whether it’s official or unofficial, the options are insane, and the places you can get them from are pretty varied. You have the official Bethesda Merchandise, but if you want to see what the fans of the Fallout world have come up with, then you can check out and similar sites as they typically have more inventive items. 

Tips For Choosing Fallout Merch

While this can be said for plenty of things, checking the reviews is a big part of finding the right items. While the official Bethesda store might have a ton of gear separate from each other, will have tons of similar products made by different individuals.

So, in order to make sure you’re getting good quality from your purchases, you should always check both the reviews of the product as well as the history of that product maker.

Top Picks for Official Merch

Deathclaw Wallmount

You’ve been wandering the Wasteland for years now. You’ve conquered everything from the Commonwealth to New Vegas and back. In your time, you’ve taken down some of the most fearsome monsters imaginable and, in each game, have likely downed a Deathclaw or two.

Seeing as you’ve been such an accomplished survivor in your travels, why not commemorate your biggest victory with the amount of the fearsome Deathclaw itself? While I wouldn’t suggest putting it next to fine China in the hallway, the Deathclaw Wallmount is an incredibly made replica of the head of one of Fallout’s most deadly creatures.

The eyes and mouth are terrifyingly realistic, and if you’re building a trophy room, why not add the biggest trophy of all? You can have this in your home for $115, and for the seasoned Fallout hunter, you deserve it. 

Tunnel Snakes Jacket

For many of us, Fallout 3 was our first introduction to this weird and wonderful world from Bethesda. The first part of the game definitely stands out to many because of that, and in that first part of the game, we encounter the Tunnel Snakes.

These guys are essentially the Greasers of the vault world, and if you’re not down with the Tunnel Snakes, you’re nothing. This is a real leather jacket, so you not only can don this at comic-cons, but also in the real world and look damn good while doing it. 

Nuka Cola Dog Hoodie

There is always a variety of companions to stick with you throughout your Fallout journeys, but for me, the best bud has always been Dogmeat. If you’ve got a dog at home that would ride with you through the fiercest Radstorm, then you might wanna make sure they’re protected whenever they brave the wilds with you.

This cute little hoodie comes in a few sizes, and will keep your dog warm when the weather gets a little too close Fallout-esque. You also will have him repping the Nuka Cola name, which has also been far superior to Coca Cola in my opinion.

Best Options For Independent Merch

Nuka Cola

If you’re looking for Fallout merch, you definitely know your way around a bottle of Nuka Cola or two, and this replica is absolutely amazing and an incredible piece of the fallout world to have inside your home.

It comes in multiple sizes and colors, and each one is brightly lit to create that nuclear feel that Fallout has made its own through the years. It’s expertly made, too, as the bottoms are baked at 420 degrees for 3 minutes with ice crystals inside the surface of the bottle, and this creates a mist effect on the outside of it.

here is also LED technology spread throughout the bottle, 0 heat is produced, and it has a 100,000-hour life span. You’ve got options for a steady lighting effect or a flashing one too. Just don’t drink out of it! It’s glowing for a reason, and in our world, there aren’t enough Rad-Aways out there to save you if you do. 

Fallout Chess Set

Fallout has always been a game about strategy. Weighing your options, resources, and ammo supply has long been a part of any encounter you choose to engage in throughout these games, so it makes total sense that the world of Fallout could be crafted into its very own chess set.

This 3D-printed masterwork features all of the classics of the Fallout world like Deathclaws, Ghouls, Protectotrons, the Brotherhood of Steel, and more. The way each piece has been given a traditional chess role is brilliant too, and they all fit into their places both lore-wise as well as the purpose they serve in the game.

This one will cost you a pretty penny at $500, but if you or a loved one are both huge chess fans and Fallout fans, this is easily one of the coolest pieces of merchandise that you can find.

Fallout Nick Valentine Detective Agency Sign

Say what you want about Fallout 4, but it had some of the most memorable characters in the series. Topping that list for most people was Nick Valentine, the Synth detective of Diamond City.

He was both interesting and creepy while also being tragic once you learned his backstory, and there is no better way to commemorate your time with him than by getting this outstanding LED-lit sign for an empty wall in your home.

The sign comes in various colors and perfectly recreates the initial sign you see outside his agency when you first go searching for him in Diamond City. It’s incredibly cheap too, so if you’ve got a spot in your heart for the old detective, this is a great way to show it. 

Fallout Mothman Statue

In Fallout 76, one of the creepiest things you will encounter are the Mothman cult. The worst part about them is that they’re long gone, so instead of fighting them and ridding the world of them, you’re instead given breadcrumb trails to follow on their whereabouts.

As you discover the random notes and evidence of horrific rituals, the story behind them gets darker and darker, and it’s a chilling reminder of the state of the world that you’re walking into.

At some point in the game, you might even come across the creature of legend. If you do, it would be a great idea to have this Fallout Mothman statue for $95, don’t you think? I mean, you believe, don’t you?

Fallout Protectotron Statue

Fallout is such a weird and scary world that the majority of the time, you’re going to be getting chased by something, shot at by something else, and likely bitten by another thing. What I’m trying to say is friends are few and far between here, and after a while, things can get pretty lonely and terrifying for you as a player.

That’s what makes coming across the Protectotron such a joy in Fallout. Many robots will certainly try to kill you in the world of Fallout, but not Protectotron. He only wants to serve, and whether he’s providing you medicine or patrolling the area as a de facto police force, this robot buddy is always a relief to come across.

With that in mind, the Fallout Proctectotron Statue can be yours for $95, giving you that feeling of protection and safety in your actual life. Just don’t damage it; Protectotron will defend itself. You’ve been warned. 

Fallout Face Mask

Fallout may be the only game that makes sense putting on a face mask these days. I mean, the world of Fallout is filled with harmful radiation in the air, horrific diseases all around, and general poisoned feeling to the atmosphere, so what better franchise could use a mask with its name on it?

While you definitely shouldn’t be donning one of these to go into actual radiation, the Fallout Face Mask is a stylish way to show the world you care about protecting yourself, and it’s only $15.

The material is breathable while providing a layer of protection, and it comes in various styles and colors, so you can look like a vault dweller in the real world and not feel weird about it for once!

Bioworld Fallout 4 Backpack

For those that love to pick up just about everything they see in a game world, no game gives you more reason to than the Fallout games. Unfortunately, you’re just a human in these games, and humans have their limits when it comes to how much they can carry on their person before the literal weight of the world slows them down to a crawl.

Luckily, the backpacks of Fallout have always come in handy when it comes to carrying more items. So what about the real world? Need to carry a ton of stuff around all day and are tired of the plain old-looking backpacks out there?

Why not try the Fallout 4 Backpack and tell people of the world, “this backpack survived a post-apocalyptic hellscape, what does yours do?

If you feel like adding a bit to your carry limit, you can get this backpack for $23.99; just don’t fill it with too much Nuka Cola, okay? That stuff can rot you from the inside….literally. 

T-45 Fallout Cosplay Power Armor

Getting the Power Armor in Fallout is one of those “wow” moments that a lot of games strive for and few ever really achieve. The feeling of power you get from donning it is incredible, and each step you take is suddenly thunderous and purposeful with an air of “do not mess with me.” to it.

If you’re looking to recreate that feeling at a cosplay convention or perhaps a local park, you can get a full suite of custom-made Power Armor yourself! While this is only for the most dedicated cosplayers out there, the T-45 Fallout Cosplay Power Armor is an incredible piece of equipment that is identical to the ones from the games as you can possibly get.

Of course, this is not a full metal power suit capable of mass destruction, but rather a plastic one painted with metallic acrylics to give off the feeling of it being metal. Your mobility in this should be a bit better than the mobility provided in the game version, but even still, I don’t recommend you go fighting any Deathclaws in this or fighting anything in general as the protection is minimal! The Power Armor never comes without a cost, though, and here, that cost is $600. 

Fallout 76 Pip-Boy Replica

While plenty of things will try and hinder your progress in the world of Fallout 76, only one will ever truly be by your side to help you the whole way through. That thing is the Pipboy, and it provides you everything from your equipment to your map and even radio stations.

If you’ve ever wanted something so useful to come into your home, then the Fallout 76 Pip-Boy Replica is an amazing choice. It’s self-assembled, so you will need to put in some work to get it up and running. Once you do, though, this replica is flawless.

Although it doesn’t give you a functional screen where you can activate futuristic drugs from, it does give you everything else you could want from a replica. It even ejects a holotape for you, just like in the game.

It’s not as fancy as your new smartphone, but it’s the best they could do in the future where most of the modern technology had gone to hell in a handbasket. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to build a Pipboy, it’ll cost you $149.99

Fallout 4 Laser Pistol 3D Printed Kit

In Fallout 4, you never want to be wandering around without a weapon on hand, and while the normal weapons of the game work well enough for a time, once you get the laser weapons, it becomes a whole new ballgame when it comes to taking down the enemy.

The technology behind these weapons has always been mysterious, so why not bring one into your home and study the strange tech for yourself? It needs to be stated that this is in no way a working weapon, and you cannot fire either bullets or laser blasts from it.

It’s strictly a replica, but it’s an incredible looking one, and the detail in this Laser Pistol is absolutely amazing looking. It comes already looking rusted, nailing that Fallout feeling perfectly and the faded green of the Cell pack ammo it has is also just spot on. There are several variations available, and each one has a different vibe to it as well as color. You can have your own Laser Pistol replica for $55. 

Mini Nuke Bomb Storage Box

The world of Fallout loves to make one thing clear. War is hell, and nuclear warfare creates that hell. Despite that message, they have no problems giving you access to some nukes of your own! Whether it’s cooperating with a mysterious stranger in Fallout 3 to blow up a Megaton with a nuke or launching mini-nukes with a Fatman weapon in Fallout 4, you can expect to see a mushroom cloud or two when it comes to these games.

If you want that carefree nuke vibe in your home, I would direct you to the Mini Nuke Bomb Storage Box. This is an incredibly well-made storage box that has the top of the nuke pop open, and inside is a solid-sized area to fill with whatever you’d like.

Unlike the use of nukes in Fallout, this Mini Nuke Bomb Storage Box will not kill millions, mutate you into a Ghoul, or make you a power-hungry madman. It will simply store some stuff for you and look cool doing it, all at the price of $49.77.

Nuclear Explosion Lamp

This one is for the twisted ones in all of us, but let’s be honest, if you love the Fallout games, some part of you is twisted because I know you’re not making the benevolent choices every time you little liars.

Knowing that the majority of you probably blew up Megaton in Fallout 3, why not relive those memories every night with a Nuclear Explosion Lamp? This lamp is expertly handcrafted and painted, and not only that, it provides some excellent light despite its fairly complex design.

You can order it to have either 3 or 7 colors, and the whole thing is controllable through a remote, so you don’t need to worry about getting too close to it and picking up any Rads in the process. If you’re looking for a night light with some personality, why not add this amazingly made nuke lamp to your nighttime routine?

Pipboy 3000 Working Screen

While the above Pipboy gives you the feeling of building a Pipboy from the ground up, it doesn’t exactly function. That all changes here with the Pipboy 3000 Working Screen. I can’t even begin to tell you how this works, but somehow, this genius over at Etsy managed to not only make a perfect replica of the Pipboy used in Fallout: New Vegas but also managed to have it work!

You can fit this onto your arm, and from there, you will have a fully working Pipboy complete with a touch screen, a moveable map, and even the in-game music from the radio tab on the screen. It’s also got that classic weathered Fallout look to it, and there isn’t a more expertly made piece of equipment on this list.

If you really want the ultimate piece of Fallout merchandise, the Pipboy 3000 Working Screen is it. To go along with all of this insanity is the extremely reasonable price of $49.99.

Elite Riot Gear Jacket

Maybe you’re not willing to shell out half a grand for the Power Armor mentioned above, but you’re still looking for that apparel that will make you feel like you’re smack dab in the middle of the Wasteland once again. For those of you seeking that feeling, enter the Elite Riot Gear Jacket.

This amazing-looking jacket is not only accurate to the Fallout games, but it’s also an extremely wearable regular piece of clothing. It comes in all different sizes, options to add a backpack to it, and it’s even got that aged and dirty look to it permanently, no matter how many times you wash it.

Its made from incredibly high-quality canvas and double stitched to make sure no tears happen on your travels. It probably doesn’t have the same protection as the ones in the Fallout games have, though, so don’t go taking on any Mirelurks while wearing it.

This awesome jacket is available for $195, so while it’s not cheap, it’s an extremely nice piece of clothing that fits wonderfully with the Fallout universe. 

Fallout Caps Stash

Even in the post-apocalyptic hell that is Fallout, the world still manages to revolve around money. The actual money in the game is referred to as pre-war money, which tells you right away that this world has discovered a different form of currency in this day and age.

That new currency is caps, and everything you buy in the game will cost some amount of them. They come in a crudely designed metal box with tape on it, and now that crude design can be all yours for just $5-$20.

You can choose to get just the container, or you can choose to fill it with caps and pay a little extra. Of course, the caps that fill the box are none other than Nuka Cola caps, so it’s a complete package, and it’s authentic as it gets. 

Fallout Stim Pack

If you’ve ever played Fallout, you know the value of a well-timed Stim Pack. These things are used as healing items, and they instantly grant you a big portion of your health back. The process of using them is pretty brutal as you basically have to jam the needle end of it into your skin, but it’s all worth it because, in the end, you survived.

To commemorate your many uses of the Stim Pack, you can grab one of these perfectly made props for your home. It’s about as accurate as you can possibly be. It’s painted by hand and has every intricate detail that the Stim Pack has had throughout the years in Fallout games.

It can be used as a decoration or a prop in cosplay, but one thing it will not do is heal you. Do not jab it into your thigh while you’re doing battle with a Radroach in your home. You will not heal, and it will hurt. You can grab one for $17.99.

Fallout Sentry bot

While the Protectotron provides a sense of support to you throughout the Fallout games, it rarely actually does much in the way of providing any real defense for the people or areas it’s looking after. Nope, for that type of protection, we need a Sentry bot.

These massive robots can provide some of the most intense challenges in the series, and their tri pedaled legs on wheels make them an extremely quick foe too. It only defends the ones it’s programmed to, though, so how about making it protect you for once?

This amazingly made replica has a removable shell that has a battery in it that is used to light the Sentry Bot. It also comes with wheels, too, in case you wanted to roll it around your desk or maybe just hang out next to you while you work.

The red lights coming from it make it feel like a piece of the Fallout universe just crawled out of the screen and into your living room. The quality of this product is immense, so the $225 fee might seem lofty, but it’s worth it if you love Fallout.

Vault-Tec Wedding Band

In the Fallout series, the love stories typically don’t pan out all that well. In Fallout 4, you watch your spouse get killed in the opening scenes, and your son is taken away, so yeah, I wouldn’t call it the most romantic series out there. The thing is, though, you’re just a person who likes Fallout, and your love story is going great! I mean, they said yes, right?

If so, why not ditch your boring gold wedding band and instead mark yourself taken with this slickly made, Vault-Tec Wedding Band? This isn’t some cheaply made thing either as it’s 925 Sterling silver, and most important of all, it’s got an awesome Vault-Tec logo on it, complete with the Fallout Boy giving you a thumbs up for a job well done.

You will get a lifetime’s worth of use out of this one for $175, and I’m almost certain you won’t end up being frozen during the beginning of a nuclear war….almost. 

My Top Picks

  • Fallout Caps Stash– A simple yet powerful reminder that you’ve braved the Wasteland before
  • Nuka Cola- An awesome addition to any man cave or living room. Brilliantly made and glows just like the nuclear soft drink should.
  • Bioworld Fallout 4 Backpack- Stylish and convenient, this is an awesome way to show you’re a true Wasteland wanderer.


Question: Which is the best Fallout game?

Answer: Tough question, but for me, it’s Fallout 3. I thought the combination of amazing RPG mechanics and the crazy world of the Capital Wasteland came together to create absolute magic. 

Question: What is the best Fallout merchandise?

Answer: That Nuka Cola bottle is just perfect. It’s cheap and doesn’t take up much space, and adds tons of atmosphere in a tiny package. 

Question: Which is the longest Fallout game?

Answer: Fallout 4 is probably the longest as it has the most downloadable content and tons of side quests to discover and factions to join as well.


There are so many ways to bring the Fallout world into your home, so why not take a look at some of these and decide if you really want to feel like you’re part of the wastelanders of the world.

Whether it’s clothing, items, or everything in between, I believe you’ll find something to love in this list. Just watch out for the Rads. 

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