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Best Fallout Action Figures

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Fallout is one of the most unique series you can find in gaming at this point, and although the recent years haven’t had the strongest titles in the series, it continues to be one of the biggest hit names on the market today. Something about the idea of exploring a post-apocalyptic America speaks to gamers around the world as they might see it being a possibility for the near future of it rather than something as far fetched or futuristic as the world of, say, a Mass Effect game.

That intrigue has always spoken to me as Fallout has always been a series that I’ve felt different about playing than most games. Much like The Last of Us made me think about what if a horrific event unfolded in the USA; Fallout has always had that same kind of vibe to it. It’s both horrifying, funny, and off-putting in so many ways and the combination of feelings it inspires is pretty much unlike any game I’ve ever played before. The endless wonder and horror on tap is something to be commended.

For fans of the series, I can’t think of a better series to have some awesome Fallout toys to go along with the experience. With all the amazing armor and crazy-looking monsters we get in these games, it’s like it was made to have some great action figures to go along with the experience. We’re going to find the best ones out there. Into the wasteland, we go.

My Top Picks

  • Fallout 76 Wendigo – The Wendigo figure here is one of the best figures you can find, and the creativity at play here, mixed with the full flexibility of the figure, makes it an integral piece of any Fallout collection.
  • Mirelurk Queen – I’m still astounded how the artist managed to detail this figure so thoroughly. It’s such an awesome figure that it puts most others to shame.
  • Codsworth Mister Handy – The accuracy in this recreation is just incredible, and the flexibility of all the arms on it and the detail on his individual tools are just amazing to look at.

Selection Criteria

  • Great Designs
  • Fun Features
  • Iconic Characters and Monsters

Bottom Line Upfront

The Mirelurk Queen is the best action figure available in the Fallout universe. It’s got some incredible detail on it and is generally just a work of terrifying art, so any Fallout fan would welcome it into your collection.

Best Fallout Action Figures

ThreeZero Fallout: T-51 Power Armor

We’re going to start off with one of the most intense options on this list. The most iconic part of the Fallout universe is, in all likelihood, the Power Armor. It offers so much of the Fallout vibe in one gigantic metal package, and there’s a reason why it’s on the face of just about every Fallout game in existence.

This is not really a toy as it’s incredibly pricey at $249, but an awesome figurine that is expertly handcrafted and comes equipped with interchangeable armor if you’ve got other parts of the series.

It also has a light-up LED function with the helmet, so even if it’s a pricy one, it’s got the interactivity to make it worth it. I would say this one is for hardcore collectors only and not something you’re going to want to buy for children.

Fallout Merge Series 1-T-45 Armor

For those looking for an actual toy to mess around without the fear of the whole thing breaking and hundreds of dollars being wasted, the Fallout Merge Series is an excellent choice.

This gives you the T-45 model of the Fallout Power Armor that comes complete with interchangeable parts and detachable arms as well. 

It’s painted with a silver sheen to make it look just like the metal machine in the game.

The arms and legs are fully moveable, and it comes equipped with a weapon as well, so pairing it with a Fallout monster figure is sure to lead to some fun recreations.

Fallout Official Figurines #4 Feral Ghoul

The Ghoul is definitely not the flashiest or coolest looking of the iconic Fallout creations, but you can be sure you’ll find them wandering around in just about every game in the series’ existence. The Ghouls, of course, are humans that have seen a bit too much radiation for one lifetime.

The result is a horrifying, zombie-like creature called the Ghoul, and although some of them are sentient still, others are rabid monsters that must be put down for their own good.

This action figure is crazy accurate when it comes to the detail that Ghouls have, and it’s shot everything from the decaying face to the tattered clothes.

Pit this one up against your Power Armor action figures, and you’ll have the game recreated right in your living room. It’s pretty cheap as well, coming in at $24.99.

Fallout 4 Protections

Very few things in the Fallout universe are here to help you. You’ll be fighting humans, ghouls, monsters, and robots throughout your journey, and sometimes, it’s just nice to have something support you once and a while.

The Protectron comes in to play that role, and these loveable robots can help you in battle or even heal you when you’re in dire need of rescuing.

The action figures here are completely handcrafted and hand-painted, giving you an awesome product that you can put up anywhere.

They also come in multiple colors too, so you can buy a pack of them or just single ones if you want. These cost $55, but the quality is definitely worth it.

Fallout Lone Wanderer Action Figure

The eponymous character in any Fallout game, the Wanderer, is who you venture across these dark and decrepit lands with.

In classic action-adventure game fashion, you usually have no name and are just thrown into the wasteland with a vague sense of who you are or what you’re even supposed to be doing.

With this awesome action figure, you get the full look of a wanderer who just emerged from the vault, picked up a gun and said “bring it” to the world.

This figure comes with fully moveable armors and legs and comes equipped with a rifle as well. It’s small enough to place or play with anywhere you’d like, but it also has some great craftsmanship to it as well, and for $27.99, you’ll get a great quality product.

Mr. Gutsy Action Figure

In Fallout 4, you get the help of a very handy robot at the start of the game. As you progress through the story, though, you’ll come across more robots of the same variety, except these ones are none too friendly. One, in particular, you’ll come to odds with is Mr. Gutsy.

While he may resemble the friendly figure guiding you at the start of the game, he’s not, and it’s equipped as a full military AI that is ready to do battle at a moment’s notice.

This action figure of Mr. Gutsy is just incredibly well done. It’s 12 inches tall, has an illuminated exhaust flame, has working eyes, sound-activated head rotation, and even plays back random soundtracks from the game as well.

It’s definitely not the cheapest figure you’ll find at $169.99, but this is more like bringing the actual Mr. Gutsy into your home rather than just another toy, so it could very well be worth it for longtime Fallout fans.

Fallout Nanoforce Army 

While it may be fun to have one or two separate figures, how about having an entire Fallout army to play with? Remember the little green army men toys? Yeah, this is not your grandfather’s playset, as this collection comes with 4 NPCs that include a Protectron, T-60 Power Armor, and two Super Mutants.

It isn’t just about the enemies, though, as you’ll also get the best good boy ever in an armored Dogmeat and even a mini-nuke. The cherry on top of this set is 4 mystery figures that aren’t revealed until you open the box, so I can’t even tell you what’s inside.

It’s all for just $16.99 too, so although it’s a bit minimalist for today’s action figure standard, it’s a lot of bang for your buck.

Fallout Collection Nick Valentine

Everyone has a favorite character when it comes to the Fallout games, and for me, that character is Nick Valentine. His old-time style of talking mixed with his fascinating backstory makes him pretty much the only friend you’ve got in the decrepit world of the Commonwealth.

He’s just as much a stranger to people in the world due to him being a Synth, so the two of you go hand and hand. This amazing figure depicts Nick Valentine fully ready for combat as he was so many times at your side during the game. It’s got his exact outfit on down to the tattered way he wore his tie in the game.

This model is handcrafted and painted, which is shown greatly in the minute details that this figure nails completely. You can have Nick by your side at home for $24.99.

Brahmin Figurine

Some creatures in the Fallout world just have a rough life. The Brahmin definitely falls under this category, and the poor mutated cow seems to solely exist for bad things to happen to it.

It’s either being used to haul around a merchant’s items or being mercilessly mauled by a Deathclaw in the middle of a fight between the two of them, so yeah, Brahmin don’t have much fun in Fallout.

If you want to give this lonely and loyal creature a home, you can pick up this awesome Brahmin figure that has it in pack mule form.

This poor animal deserves a break from the harshness of the Fallout universe, so maybe have him chill by your desk instead from now on for just $67.

Codsworth Mister Handy

When you first emerge from the vault in Fallout 4, the world is a creepy and lonely place. You have little direction, no way to protect yourself, and no friends.

When you find your hometown, the most welcome sight in the world is your robot butler Codsworth. The friendly British accented robot has somehow survived the nuclear war and has stayed loyal, tending to your house although you’ve been gone for hundreds of years.

Codsworth is not only a great friend but a loyal companion too, as he’ll fight for you with his array of different tools if you need him to.

This figure brings the robot butler to life with all the tools he has in the game, including his 3 eyes. It’s completely handcrafted and painted to look a little bit worn, adding a ton of personality to it.

The arms are poseable in all different ways, and it’s highly flexible. You can get this handy robot for $127.

Fallout Vault Boy Figures

If the Power Armor is the 1A most iconic image in the Fallout world, then Vault Boy is certainly 1B. This cute little character has graced every Fallout game in existence in one form or another.

In some, it’s how you’re introduced to the world in little old-time TV commercial ads, and in others, they represent your progress through the skill tree.

For just $5, you can have an entire pack of these little guys in all different forms. Each one represents a different perk you’d pick up throughout the game, and you can mix and match the sets as well to get the exact thing you’re looking for.

At that price, it’s pretty tough to be, and you’ll get a bunch of these for basically nothing.

Mirelurk Queen

Fallout is home to some of the most terrifying creatures to ever exist in gaming. While some are evolutions of normal animals that have been twisted by the radiation, others seem born straight from hell with no explanation for how and why they came to be.

The Mirelurk then is pretty much a mix of the two, creating a horrifying crab-like monstrosity that is both terrifying to look at and tough to fight as well.

If you’ve got a host of hero figures from Fallout, it’s time to set it up against an enemy, and there are few creatures in the Fallout world that are more formidable than this abomination.

The figure is incredibly well detailed, right down to the very spines and creases throughout its mutated body. It also comes with Mirelurk babies as well, so you can have the full terrifying experience of encountering one.

This thing can waltz into your home and nightmares for $89.99.

Modiphius Fallout- NCR Core Box

The characters of the Fallout world are part of what makes it such an incredible place to explore. Seeing how these people have managed to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland is both inspiring and horrific all at once.

The ones who survive the longest seem to be those who know how to fight, and these people always are decked out in some of the coolest looking armor possible. This action figure set comes with 7 different characters, all donning some form of iconic Fallout getup.

You’ve got someone in Power Armor, a ranger with a helmet, and others with various forms of Fallout armor. This set is used with a full board game as well, although you can just buy them separately for your own enjoyment. You can grab these for $45.

Fallout Funko Dorbz

Fallout and quirkiness go together like peanut butter and jelly. Something about the end of the world makes the weirdness just stick out all that more, and whether it’s the quirky characters or presence of the Vault Boy in every game, something always feels slightly off when you’re playing Fallout.

With that in mind, why don’t we take the most iconic thing in the Fallout world, the Power Armor, and shrink it down to Funko size! Yup, they did just that here, and this adorable little Power armor comes in feeling pretty hefty for its size and is painted with an amazing amount of detail on it.

It’s also just adorable looking and makes for both a great toy or a cool thing to have chilling on your desk while you work. You can have this Funko Power Armor for just $10.

Just Toys LLC Merge Figures Nick Valentine

The figure mentioned above is incredibly detailed and makes for a great toy to have around, but it certainly doesn’t have the incredible about of flexibility and interactivity this one has.

This figure comes equipped with multiple arms to clip on and off, Nick’s signature hat, which is removable, and also has his pistol too.

You can make Nick ready for combat or just ready to take a stroll through Diamond City with this excellent figure.

Both the arms and legs are moveable, and every detail from his outfit in Fallout 4 is on point here, including the tattered overcoat and permanently wrinkled pants.

You can have everyone’s favorite detective for $14.99.

Fallout Institue Synth

The Synths are a fascinating group of beings in Fallout 4. They’re equally terrifying and sympathetic, and they’re being viewed as the evolution of mankind, despite humans wanting nothing to do with them.

You’ll fight tons of them throughout your time in the game, but you’ll also grow to befriend one in Nick Valentine, and it’s easy to get things confused when trying to figure out what to feel about them.

This figure depicts the Synth in their rawest and creepiest form, a metal skeleton with red eyes that more than a little bit called back to the classic look of the Terminators.

The Institute Synth figure comes with a Laser Pistol equipped and also comes with an awesome-looking Institute door, so you can get the full experience of watching one of these terrifying beings come to life for the first time. You can get this Synth for $25.

Fallout Assaultron Figure

The robots of the Fallout world are always a coin flip for whether they’re going to kill you on sight or be quite helpful to you instead. Sometimes, the exact same robot can do both of the above, so approaching one is as much of a risk as it might be a reward.

The Assault on is particularly tough to get a read on because although it’s usually an enemy that can be incredibly tough to defeat, it also happens to run a weapons shop in Goodneighbor in Fallout 4! So you truly never know what to expect with these guys.

If you want to have an ambitious killing machine in your home, the Fallout Assaultron Figure is an incredibly well-made figure that comes complete with a huge, detailed stand, making it feel like it was just plucked from the factory in the Fallout world where it was made, just for you.

You can have this homicidal robot for just $17.

Fallout 4 T-60 Power Armor W/Minigun

One of the coolest moments in any Fallout game happens in Fallout 4, where you’re tasked with taking down a roaming Deathclaw that’s wreaking havoc in the streets.

In order to even the odds, you literally rip a minigun off a helicopter and jump off the building while wearing the Power Armor. It’s one of the biggest OMG moments in gaming I can remember, and the sheer badassery of it all stands out to me to this day.

This is an exact replica of that moment in Fallout 4, and the detail here is some of the most intricate that I’ve ever seen. Every bit of this awesome figure looks rusted and worn as if it were wandering the wasteland all this time, and the minigun looks incredible as well, displaying all the power you’d expect from the eponymous Power Armor.

You can get this amazing figure for $69.99.

54MM Tin Figuring T-45 Power Armor Fallout 4

Part of what makes the Fallout Power Armors so cool is that there is never just one per game. You usually get many different ones to choose from, and each one has unique attributes that make it viable in the toughest of combat scenarios.

One weapon that becomes infinitely more usable while in the Power Armor is the sledgehammer. This isn’t just some ordinary hammer either, and it takes some superhuman strength to wield it, which is luckily just what the Power Armor can provide.

This figure is may of pure tin, and it depicts the Power Armor wielding the Power Sledge. It’s an amazing-looking figure that has tons of detail on it and comes with a well-made base, so it’ll stand up regardless of where you put it. You can grab this one for just $8.99.

Fallout ED-E Robot Model 

It’s tough to figure out what’s going on in the world of Fallout in most of these games. I mean, sure, nukes have fallen and all that, but what else? What’s going on in the rest of the world?

Well, in order to fill you in on the current events, the ED-E robot appears patrolling the world from time to time and gives you a segmented report on what’s happening all over the place.

You could destroy this robot if you want, but that would just be mean as it’s only there to help us out. If you want a reliable robot by your side at all times, you can get this awesome Fallout ED-E figure that completely recreates the bot perfectly and has an astounding amount of detail to it as well.

No Fallout playset is complete unless you’ve got the news on the scene, and that’s where ED-E comes in. You can grab this one for $33.

Liberator MK 2

The Liberator is a terrifying new enemy that was introduced in Fallout 76, and one of the best parts about it quick how it moves. We’re used to lumbering enemies in the Fallout world, and this thing moves like a spider with a laser cannon attached to it.

If that description didn’t scare you off, just try fighting one and telling me that was a comfortable experience. For those who are fans of the enemy, this Liberator MK 2 figure is absolutely awesome to have as part of your Fallout collection.

The detail in this thing is just wild, and although it’s 3D printed, it ends up looking exactly like metal, and the paint job on it is fantastic as well. It’s a worthy addition to any Fallout figure collection, and you can have it for $62.

Death Claw Figure

One enemy that is sure to bring a chill to your spine whenever you have an encounter with it is undoubtedly the Death Claw. This horrifying beast seems to have just risen straight up from hell to roam the wastelands, and it usually represents the most difficult opponent you’ll face in any game you come across it.

As such, it’s the perfect addition to any figure set as you’re going to need to have an enemy to fight all the heroes you’ve been gathering, right? This figure captures the Death Claw right in the middle of one of its iconic roars, and the detail throughout it is just incredible to see.

It’s pure black, too, taking on the look of the creature when you encounter it in the game, and you can have this nightmarish beast all to yourself for $45.

Fallout 76 Wendigo

While it didn’t have the most amazing launch in gaming history, something that stood out about it, though, was the introduction of several new creatures to the games.

While Wendigos had been mentioned before in the lore of the series, never was there a more perfect way to release it into the game world than in the mysterious and creepy wilds of post-apocalyptic West Virginia.

This Wendigo figure is an incredible recreation of the monster you come across in the game and is every bit as intimidating.

The detail on the figure is fantastic, but the full flexibility is the biggest selling point, and this beast is fully ready to do a serious battle with whatever Fallout figures you put up against him.

You can get this Wendigo figure for $40.

Post-Apoc Desert Ranger Figures

The Fallout world has always gone amazingly well with the toy industry, but I’ve never really seen any figures in the lego verse. Probably because of the mature nature of the series, but regardless, now that’s all changed.

Here, you get a variety of different kinds of lego characters, all directly inspired by the Fallout universe, and the variety here is just awesome.

You get everything from well-equipped forest rangers, to military units, to wasteland wanderers, and you can buy them individually or get them in a huge set to recreate your own little Fallout war. Each figure costs $29.99.

Fallout 4 Cappy

Fallout is known for having an incredible amount of quirk things in the game. You’ve got the Vault Boy, Mr. Handy machines flying about, and all kinds of little off-putting, cartoon-like qualities to the horrifying world being presented to us.

Cappy is one of the weirdest ones, and he was introduced to us as one of the great additions to the Nuka World DLC in Fallout 4. We had to go on a scavenger hunt to find these annoying little things, and after all of the searching we did, we deserve to have Cappy collected permanently.

The Cappy figure is an incredibly accurate recreation of the little mascot come to life, and while he likely won’t be taking out any of your Death Claw figures, he’s a great part of any Fallout collection, and the detail on this figure is just amazingly well done.

Cappy is available to you for $19.99.


Question: Which is the best place to find Fallout figures?

Answer: I’ve found the best things I’ve seen are on The creativity of the indie craftsmen is just unparalleled.

Question: Which is the best Fallout game to start with?

Answer: The best one to start with is Fallout 4. It’s the least hardcore of any of the games and definitely the lightest on the RPG elements of the genre. If you want to start off with a modern Fallout game with hardcore RPG mechanics, give Fallout: New Vegas a try.

Question: What Fallout games are multiplayer?

Answer: The only multiplayer Fallout game available in Fallout 76.


Fallout is one of the most unique franchises in gaming history, and the toys and action figures that have come from it are worth giving a look for anyone looking to take the Fallout world home with them.

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