Fallout Funko Pop Guide

Fallout Funko Pop Guide

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When I think about the world of collectible products related to famous entertainment franchises, Funko and their line of Funko Pop! figures always jump to the front of my mind. Their unique designs offer new takes on familiar characters and can make even the most fearsome enemies look objectively adorable. That pairs well with a franchise like Fallout, which is full of both of the aforementioned things.

Funko’s line of Fallout Funko Pop! vinyl figures is chock full of the characters and monsters you love from the series. The cuteness factor of these figurines takes off some of the brutal edges of the Fallout universe’s representation of a post-apocalyptic America. If you have a particular character that you enjoy from the series, especially from Fallout 4 or Fallout 76, there’s probably a Funko Pop! version out there for you.

Tracking down Fallout Funko Pop! figures to buy for yourself can be a challenge. That’s why I’ve gathered all of the ones I could find here in this Fallout Funko Pop guide and set aside a few of my favorites: to make things easier on you, the collector.

So strap your Pip-Boy on your arm and get ready: it’s time to dive into the Funko Pop! version of the world of Fallout. Let’s get started!

Bottom Line Up Front

  • Toymaker Funko has a line of Funko Pop! figures based on the Fallout video game series.
  • There are over 50 figurines in the Fallout Funko Pop! collection, featuring popular characters like Nick Valentine and infamous enemies like the Super Mutant.
  • Some figures were sold exclusively at stores like Hot Topic and Gamestop during initial runs, which can make them more difficult to track down now.
  • Others were exclusive to events like E3, making them much rarer than your average Funko Pop! Fallout toy.


Over 50 figures make up the Fallout Funk Pop! collection – 54 to be exact. The list below includes them all along with their series number. They have been separated based on their exclusivity during their initial runs.

Non-exclusive Figures

  • Lone Wanderer Male (#47)
  • Lone Wanderer Female (#48)
  • Brotherhood of Steel – Power Armor (#49)
  • Feral Ghoul (#50)
  • Super Mutant (#51)
  • Deathclaw (#52)
  • Vault Boy (#53)
  • Sole Survivor (#75)
  • Dogmeat (#76)
  • Hancock (#77)
  • T-60 Power Armor (#78)
  • Nick Valentine (#162)
  • Codsworth (#163)
  • Piper (#164)
  • Paladin Danse (#165)
  • X-01 Power Armor (#166)
  • Liberty Prime 6″ Super Sized Pop (#167)
  • T-51 Power Armor (#370)
  • Vault Dweller (Male) (#371)
  • Vault Dweller (Female) (#372)
  • Nerd Rage (#373)
  • Assaultron (#374)
  • Sentry Bot 6″ (#375)
  • Excavator Armor (#482)
  • Vault Dweller (#483)
  • Mothman (#484)
  • Mole Miner (#485)
  • Radtoad (#486)
  • Vault Boy Strength (#487)

GameStop Exclusive Figures

  • Power Armor Black & White (#49)
  • Power Armor Gold (#49)
  • Glowing One (#50)
  • Vault Boy Gold (#53)
  • Power Armor Female Unmasked (#67)
  • Dogmeat Flocked (#76)
  • Liberty Prime Battle 6″ (#170)
  • Vault Dweller (Male) with Mentats (#385)
  • Assaultron (also sold at 2018 NYCC) (#386)
  • X-01 Power Armor Red (#480)
  • Nuka-Girl (#517)

Hot Topic Exclusive Figures

  • Glow-in-the-dark Vault Boy Green (#53)
  • T-60 Power Armor Green (#78)
  • Charisma (#98)
  • Glow-in-the-dark Adamantium Skeleton (#99)
  • Toughness (#100)
  • Medic (#101)

Walmart Exclusive Figures

  • T-51 Power Armor Nuka-Cola (#370)
  • T-51 Power Armor (#479)

Best Buy Exclusive Figures

  • T-51 Power Armor Vault-Tec (#370)
  • T-51 Power Armor Green (#481)

Target Exclusive Figures

  • Codsworth Damaged (#163)

Play & Collect Exclusive Figures

  • Locksmith (#118)

Event Exclusive Figures

  • 2015 New York Comic Con Power Armor Male Unmasked (#67)
  • 2018 New York Comic Con Assaultron (also available at GameStop) (#386)
  • 2019 E3 Expo Excavator Armor (#506)

Many of the exclusive figures are variations of other more widely available figures. For example, Dogmeat (#76) and Dogmeat Flocked (#76) are essentially the same figures but with slightly different features and coloration. That said, the exclusive figures are worth more and are harder to find than their normal versions due mainly to their limited availability.

Next up, let’s take a closer look at some of my favorites in the collection, broken down by their roles in the Fallout games.

Player Characters

Power Armor Male Unmasked (#67)

This Fallout Funko Pop! figure was sold exclusively at the 2015 New York Comic-Con. The character represented here could be a generic version of the Vault Dweller or Lone Wanderer, similar to the Vault Dweller and Lone Wander figures.

While the man wearing the suit of armor is clean-shaven and has a well-kept head of brown hair, his armor looks like it’s seen some action. He also carries what seems to be an Energy Pistol.

Despite being sold in a limited capacity, this figure can be found on eBay.

Vault Dweller (Female) (#372)


While most figures in this collection focus on newer entries in the franchise like Fallout 4 and Fallout 76, the original Fallout is represented in the form of the male and female Vault Dweller figures.

The Vault Dweller is the player character from the first game. I prefer the female version of this figure mainly due to the stylish undercut hairstyle, reddish-brown hair, and stimpak in hand, ready to heal up.


Fallout 4 – Dogmeat (#76)

The trustiest companion in the Fallout universe (and the only one that won’t judge your actions) also happens to be my favorite Fallout Funko Pop! figure. The attention to detail is particularly stunning, from the darker fur around Dogmeat’s eyes to the fur layering effect done around Dogmeat’s mouth and chest areas.

Fallout 4 and some of its mods allow the player to equip Dogmeat with different items to change his look. That gameplay feature is represented here with the addition of goggles and a red scarf. This well-dressed version of the best dog in the Commonwealth is sure to look good on any Fallout lover’s desk.

Fallout 4 – Nick Valentine (#162)

The Synth-turned-gumshoe detective also has an adorable miniature version. Nick is fully represented in this figure, with his signature hat, trenchcoat, and necktie. While his face isn’t nearly as destroyed-looking as his video game counterpart, the creases, lines, and missing chunk on the left side of his face are excellent details that bring this resident of Diamond City to life. Close attention was paid to his clothing as well, as his trench coat is frayed and patched.


Glowing One (#50)

This figure was exclusively sold at GameStop during its run. The best part about it is that it glows in the dark, mirroring exactly the effect of stumbling upon a Glowing One in a Fallout game. The yellow-green hue of radiation makes for a cool effect in dimly lit rooms.

Due to its rarity, the Glowing One Funko Pop! figure resells for more than the non-exclusive members of the Fallout collection, with some eBay listings reaching nearly $90 at the time this guide was written.

Super Mutant (#51)

Arguably the most iconic enemy of the Fallout video game series, Super Mutants roam store shelves in the real world in the form of Funko Pop! figures. This particular Super Mutant wields an intricately detailed and dangerous-looking sledgehammer.

It also has brownish-orange skin disfigurations all over the visible parts of its face and body, adding an extra level of detail. Needless to say, the Funko Pop! version of the Super Mutant is a faithful, more adorable version of Fallout’s best-known baddies.


Nerd Rage (#373)

This is one of my favorite perks to take since its introduction in Fallout 3, so I’m glad it gets its own Funko Pop! figure. This figure is based on the image that is associated with the perk in each game: an angry, muscular version of the Vault Boy with glasses.

This image has always struck me as a nod to Bruce Banner and the Hulk. For those who don’t know, this perk raises your damage resistance and damage output when you drop below 20% of your health.

The Nerd Rage Funko Pop! figure is quite faithful to the representation of Nerd Rage found in the games. Parted blonde hair and a pair of glasses convey the “nerd” portion of Nerd Rage, while the rest of the figure’s body, especially his arms and chest, are covered in bulging muscles.

Notably Missing

Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas Companions

If Funko ever decides to produce more entries into the Fallout Funko Pop! collection, I think the first place they should look for inspiration is the companion lists of Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. Companions from either game are noticeably absent, while Fallout 4 is well-represented in comparison, with some exceptions like Cait and Curie.

Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas both have some of the most memorable characters and I think they would be cool to see in Funko Pop! form. Boone, for example, would look great as a figure with his sunglasses and red beret. Fawkes would offer a nice variation on the standard Super Mutant. But, at the end of the day, all I want is a Funko Pop! version of half-dog, half-robot Rex to buddy up with Dogmeat.

Major Faction Leaders

Another group missing from this collection is the major faction leaders of the series. This includes major villains, anti-heroes, and heroes from the Fallout series, though I’m sure the definitions of those terms are different for every Fallout player. I’m thinking specifically of the Master from the first Fallout, Caesar from Fallout: New Vegas, and Father/Shaun from Fallout 4 as characters that deserve the Funko Pop! treatment.


Question: How many Fallout Funko Pop! figures are there?

Answer: By my count, there are currently 54 figures that make up the Fallout Funk Pop! collection. If you want to include the Freddy Funko Vault Boy, that would make the number 55. It’s a big collection and one that will take a good bit of time and money to fully complete if that’s your goal.

Question: What is the most expensive Fallout Funko Pop! figure?

Answer: Currently, the most expensive figure is one that isn’t technically a part of the Fallout collection. Instead, it’s a rendition of Freddy Funko, the mascot of Funko, with a Vault Boy skin. It was a promotional item for San Diego Comic-Con and a limited number were made. Because of this, they are now extremely rare and sell at high prices, with some sites showing prices of over $600.

Question: Which Fallout Funko Pop! figures are the rarest?

Answer: The rarest is the aforementioned Freddy Funko Vault Boy. A very limited number of these were made, driving up their rarity and their current price. Other rare figures include the 2015 New York Comic Con’s Power Armor Male Unmasked and the 2019 E3 Expo’s Excavator Armor, both event exclusives.


The Fallout Funko Pop! series contains some of the coolest looking figures I’ve seen from Funko yet. While not every character is represented, they’ve nailed the ones they’ve created so far.

What character do you want to receive the Funko treatment the most? It’s certainly fun to think about. While I haven’t seen any news of upcoming additions to the Fallout figure series, I hope that Funko will return to the wasteland eventually, maybe after the hypothetical release of Fallout 5.

Until then, collecting all of the figures presented in this guide is a difficult challenge in its own right. Good hunting, wastelanders, and don’t forget to pack some extra RadAway.

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