Fallout 4 Quest Guide

Fallout 4 Quest Guide

The Fallout franchise has long been considered one of the best time vacuums out there. A series of games that truly steals the player’s free time, eating up with myriad opportunities to explore, converse, explore some more, and then finally, to actually do some RPG stuff. Like, you know, doing quests.

It should really come as no surprise then when I tell you that Fallout 4 does the exact same job. Not only does this game benefit from improved technology giving the developers many more tools and a wider scope, but it also takes all the work that went into the previous entries into the series and capitalizes on it.

The lore and backstory this game already had surrounding it before a single pixel had been created by a developer over at Bethesda Game Studios is so intense and intricately woven that a lot of the planning stage was simply already done for them. This, I suppose is the benefit of a monumental series such as the Fallout franchise.


To this end, the developers knew that this iteration of the franchise was simply just another entry in the popular series, not much needed to be changed, the wheel had already been invented, and by looking at sales for Fallout 3, clearly did not need any major upheavals.

This Fallout 4 Quest Guide will therefore look into both the main questline of Fallout 4 and some others which not only display how this game is truly a ‘Fallout’ game, but also those quests which make it just different enough to bring new and old fans alike back in from the cold. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started! Here is our Fallout 4 Guide detailing all the best quests to take on!

The Main Questline 


This game begins in a slightly different manner from the rest of the Fallout games. Instead of waking or growing up inside a vault, this character actually begins their RPG life as a normal, run-of-the-mill citizen in the lovely, idyllic time of 2077. October 2077 to be more specific

. Joining your player character on just another morning, they get ready with their spouse, completing a character creation system along the way only to be interrupted by a loud siren outside. Apparently, the date is October 23rd, 2077 and as any Fallout fan will tell you, this was not a particularly great day to be anything on the planet other than a cockroach.

This is the day the bombs fell, the day that the Great War began and five minutes later, ended, with the world left in complete ruin. Therefore, when the sirens begin to blast outside, the player is instructed to gather their family and proceed from their Sanctuary Hills home and run to their nearest vault where they have luckily been allocated a space.

Once the player and their family arrive on the Vault 111 platform, they begin to descend into the bowels of the earth, just in time to singe the tops of their perfectly cropped hairstyles on the nuclear blast wave. Descending into the vault proper, the player is instructed to put on a Vault 11 jumpsuit, the only ‘reward’ given for this quest, and to make their way into the decontamination chambers before proceeding down further into the vault.

Once the player steps into this chamber, however, they will realize that much like this quest’s title, War Never Changes, neither does Vault-Tec as it turns out this is no sterilization chamber at all, instead it is a cryo-sleep pod. You will find out later that this vault, as with all others had a secret scientific purpose planned for their inhabitants. This vaults particular experiment was to study the effects of long-term cryo-stasis on the human form.

The effects of this experiment are to be studied after 180 days, bringing the experiment to a close via a signal sent from Vault-Tec headquarters on this date. However, as you might have known, this signal never came, leaving the player and their family stranded between states of being for about 210 years. On the bright side, however, the player character does wake up briefly, if only to witness the murder of their spouse and kidnapping of their baby… Maybe not so much of a silver lining after all.

In Brief:

  1. Fallout 4 begins with the player character living in their own time, pre-war, in the year 2077, a first for a Fallout game.
  2. Codsworth, the robot butler in the player’s home is programmed by the developers to call the player by their actual chosen name, with over 900 possible options.
  3. The Vault-Tec company had individual experiments planned out for all of the vaults. Most of which either turned out horribly for the residents of said vaults or simply went off the rails in one way or another. Either way, some could argue that the residents of Vault 11 got off lightly.
  4. The Vault-Tec rep met at the beginning of the game can be encountered as a ghoul, later on, having apparently survived the initial blast after being barred from entering the vault along with the player.

Act One

Out of Time

Either way, after their 210-year sentence, the now Sole Survivor manages to regain control of their cryo-pod, releasing themselves and then shortly after escaping from the vault, hellbent on finding the people responsible for both your partner’s death and babies’ abduction. Upon leaving the vault, the player must walk down to the remnants of their former neighborhood, only to find it completely ruined, abandoned and nearly unrecognizable.

That is until the player comes across the robot Codsworth, their formal butler from before the war. This robot is not only surprised to see its former master, but also serves as a plot device, progressing the player through to some extra little tutorial missions regarding scavenging, exploration, and combat.

Understanding the Sole Survivors need to find Shaun, Codsworth suggests that the player continues on to the nearby town of Concord. Upon entering the town, anyone, even those hard of hearing will be able to hear the gun battle going down at the Museum of Freedom.

This battle between a group of raiders and some seemingly innocent survivors trapped within the upper floors of the museum. This quest, entitled Out of Time will then conclude after entering the Museum of Freedom to offer aid to the trapped individuals upstairs.

Freedom Calls

This quest is not technically considered a main quest, however, should you be new to the game and its storyline, it is pretty much impossible to advance beyond it without completion. So, when you save these people from the raiders inside, the Sole Survivor will meet Preston Garvey, a member of the local militia named the Minutemen.

This man will ask the player to join him and his friends back in Sanctuary Hills where they plan to found a settlement. These guys will form your Sanctuary Hill squad as you build your first ever settlement. However, one of Preston’s companions, named Mama Murphy, an old woman seemingly gifted magical powers of sight via a bad drug addiction will inform that player that she senses their son’s energy in the settlement of Diamond City.

Freedom Calls

The Jewel of the Crown

Of course, like any good parent, you immediately head towards this city and totally don’t spend the next 3 IRL hours exploring the wasteland in the complete opposite direction of the city, totally not something I did. Anyway, the player must journey towards Diamond City to progress through the main quest. Once the Sole Survivor arrives at the city, they begin talking to anybody and everyone who will listen regarding their son’s whereabouts.

After finding just the right NPC, the player will be directed towards the Valentine Detective Agency, the run-down shack within Diamond City that synth detective Nick Valentine operates his sleuthing out of.

However, when the player arrives, Nick is nowhere to be found and his secretary informs the player that he had recently disappeared whilst on another case. At this stage, it doesn’t take a genius to guess that the Sole Survivor will be tasked with the finding of this robot detective in order to progress the main quest, thus finishing the Jewel of the Crown quest and beginning the Unlikely Valentine quest.

In the end, though, the location of our informant is not too far away, just slightly outside of Diamond City, the player will find Vault 114, within which the Sole Survivor will find a rather large contingent of Triggermen under the command of Skinny Malone. The player must therefore defeat or scare off these triggermen in order to free the detective from the overseer’s office.

After freeing the detective, Nick tells the player that he was on the hunt for Darla, a young girl whose family believed had been kidnapped by the Triggermen, however, this was not the case. It turns out that she was now dating Skinny Malone and was with the Triggermen willingly.

Upon leaving the vault, the player and Nick are confronted by the mob boss and his femme fatale. To get clear of these NPCs and their apparent death wish, you can either play them off one another via a couple of speech checks resulting in the two turning on each other. Or, if you’re feeling a little feisty, you could simply open fire. After escaping from the vault, the quest will be completed with the detective now free enough to discuss with the Sole Survivor about Shaun and his disappearance.

Getting a Clue

This next quest begins with the Sole Survivor and Nick Valentine sitting down and discussing all the known details of Shaun’s disappearance. It doesn’t take long for the master sleuth to determine that the man the player has described to him sounds a hell of a lot like Conrad Kellogg, who had actually been seen living with a young boy within the walls of Diamond City before recently disappearing.

(Note: Later we find out that this young boy was in fact an intentional misdirect from the developers. The young boy with Kellogg was in fact the synth prototype of Shaun and not the actual child himself.)

The duo then decides to go to Kellogg’s Diamond City residence in order to search for clues, knowing full well that he has up and left the city a short while ago. Once you either obtain a key or pick your way through the master locked door, the player can find a button located underneath Kellogg’s desk.

This button, once pressed, will unveil a hidden room, within which the player will find Kellogg’s favorite brand of cigars, Francisco Sunlights. One of these cigars will be partially used and therefore may be able to be tracked with a powerful enough nose… enter the true hero of the story, your best pal and companion, Dogmeat. Meeting back up with Dogmeat and giving him the cigar to sniff will therefore complete this quest, beginning the next mission, Reunions.


After finding the scent of Kellogg, Dogmeat leads the Sole Survivor and possibly the synth detective, to Fort Hagen. This building, formerly owned by the US army is located at the western edge of the Commonwealth and is Southwest of the ArcJet Systems location and now serves a Conrad Kellogg’s headquarters.

On the player’s arrival, they will find the entrance to the fort blocked from the inside and therefore the Sole Survivor must find another way inside. Entering either through a roof hatch or through an exit door in the underground parking lot, the player must defeat several different classifications of enemies before reaching Kellogg including synths and automated turrets. Eventually, though, it appears that vengeance is right in front of the player and that they may get their son back after all.

However, upon confronting Kellogg and subsequently reading his terminal after you have sent him to the robot equivalent of the afterlife, the Sole Survivor learns that Shaun is elsewhere.

Handing the player nothing but questions, the building is left behind by the player and his companions only for a short scene to begin wherein the player witnesses the arrival of the Brotherhood of Steel in all their might, aboard their mothership, the Prydwen joined by a full accompaniment of Vertibirds.

Their arrival is crucial to the final stage of the game but is not quite the Sole Survivors main concern at that given moment, therefore, the player returns to Diamond City, completing the quest.

In Brief: 

  1. Players can skip the quest, Freedom Calls, and head straight to Diamond City to advance the main questline however, later in the game, the player will need to engage with the Minutemen.
  2. Both Nick Valentine and Piper can be recruited as followers from Diamond City.
  3. If you speak to Mama Murphy before fighting Kellogg, she will share a vision of the fight with the player, giving the player a perked called ‘Foreknowledge’, which causes a 25% reduction to all damage inflicted by Kellogg during the battle.
  4. Once the Prydwen is seen crossing over the Commonwealth skyline, the player will begin to see Brotherhood troops and Vertibirds spawning around the map. These NPC will be actively exploring, fighting monsters, and patrolling throughout the Commonwealth.

Act 2

Dangerous Minds

When the player killed Kellogg, they acquired his cybernetic brain augmenter, and therefore, to find Shaun, the player must find a way to access the memories locked within. The ever-helpful detective thus directs the player to Doctor Amari in Goodneighbor.

This Doctor operates out of a location called the Memory Den; a lounge-style location filled with the holo-loungers previously meet in the Fallout 3 quest wherein you find your father trapped within a simulation.

The player is then invited to sit in one of these loungers, soon exploring Kellogg’s memories. During this rather unique quest, the player gets the opportunity to see some of Kellogg’s childhood memories and traumas before finding out that he is, as expected, working on behalf of the Institute who are now cut off from the world, access to the building only being possible via some form of teleportation device.

Finally, his memories reveal to the Sole Survivor that he had been on the hunt for a scientist by the name of Virgil at the time of his death. Apparently, the scientist had escaped into the irradiated land aptly named the Glowing Sea.

The Glowing Sea

The player must now head off to the Glowing Sea in order to find out from Virgil, just how to access the Institute in order to find Shaun. Hiking to the edge of the Glowing Sea and then traveling southwest will see the player arrive at the Crater of Atom, a holy city for the Church of the Children of Atom.

Upon entering this location, the player will be met by Mother Isolde and given the option to either attack her and the others or simply ask, like a normal person, where you can find Virgil. Doing so will give the player a location called the Rocky Cave wherein Virgil resides.

Upon finally meeting Virgil, battling your way through Mother Isolde and the other, because of course you murdered them you crazy person, as well as the slightly more terrifying Deathclaw, the player will promise to find a vile of serum for the scientist in exchange for his knowledge. After promising this, Virgil will tell you that the key to accessing the Institute lies in the chip found within the Institute’s most deadly soldiers, coursers. Therefore, to gain access, the player must track one down and put it down.

Hunter Hunted

When the player leaves the Glowing Sea, they will return to Diamond City, or more specifically, the C.I.T ruins just north of the city. Here, the player’s Pip-Boy will display a “Courser Signal” that can be tuned to and followed. This signal will then lead the Sole Survivor to the Greenetech Genetics building, east of the C.I.T ruins.

The courser will be found on the top floor of this building, seemingly after they have destroyed an almost countless number of Gunners who had previously blocked their path. Picking off any such gunners that remain, the player will need to make their way up to the courser, named Z2-47.

The player will then combat the courser until its death, allowing the player to retrieve the much-needed chip from its dead body. The player will then later discover a synth hiding in this room, apparently, the gunners had captured it as it attempted to leave the institute. This capture thus resulted in the institute sending their courser after the synth. This synth will then plead with the character for permission to flee.

The Molecular Level

With the key ingredient to gaining access to the institute now in hand, the player must now find somebody familiar with Institute technology who can decipher just how to build the machine necessary to splice into their teleportation device.

If the Sole Survivor has already encountered the Railroad, they will be directed to visit Tinker Tom in order to acquire the appropriate code to access the courser chip. If the Railroad is still unknown to the player, however, Doctor Amari will direct the player to travel along the Freedom Trail, finding the Railroad HQ at the end of it.

With chip and corresponding code in hand, the player then returns to Virgil for some final pieces of help. At this point, the player must make a decision regarding which faction they will turn to in order to gain access to the myriad materials required to build such a machine. Although this decision does not align the player with this faction for the remainder of the game, the decision may serve as a pre-indicator to the Sole Survivor’s ultimate loyalties, displaying where they lie.

So, with the help of either Proctor Ingram (Brotherhood of Steel), Sturges (Minutemen), or Tinker Tom (Railroad), the player begins constructing the device known as the Signal Interceptor. This task will most likely involve some running around the Commonwealth in order to acquire necessary materials. However, once the interceptor is built, the player will immediately be able to transport themselves inside the Institute, getting them one step closer to Shaun.


Landing in the futuristic and all-white Institute lobby, the player will be spoken to by a voice emanating from invisible speakers, this voice will direct the player into an elevator. Following the voice further will bring the Sole Survivor into a room with a small ten-year-old boy. Originally the player may think this is Shaun, but it isn’t, instead, this is a synthetic version of Shaun. Upon this realization, an older man named Father enters the room, locking the door behind him.

This character, the father, will eventually be explained through dialogue to be the real Shaun. It turns out that the events whereby your spouse was murdered actually took place a lot earlier than you thought, and Shaun is all grown up and is now serving as the leader of the Institute. Father will then explain to the player what is really going on, the goals of the Institute, and just what has been going on in your absence.

The player then must either agree to join the Institute or stall for time by telling Father that they wish to think it over. Either way, the player is given free rein around the Institute. Whilst walking around the Institute, the player will come into contact with many scientists including Doctor Madison Li of Fallout 3 fame who will install a relay into the player’s Pip-Boy, allowing fast travel into the Institute alike any other location in the game. Alternatively, if the player flat out refuses to join the Institute, they will remain locked in that same room, unable to proceed.

In Brief:

  1. The Curie companion quest, Emergent Behavior cannot be advanced until the player passes the Dangerous Minds section of the main questline due to the involvement of the loungers inside the Dream Den.
  2. In the quest, Glowing Sea, make sure to not destroy any of Virgil’s defenses when entering the Rocky Cave. Doing this before returning to the cave to complete the quest will actually fail the entire operation.
  3. The player cannot wait to use furniture whilst in the Glowing Sea or the Crater area due to the high radiation levels.
  4. Shaun is nearly 60 years of age before the Sole Survivor finally meets him.
  5. Upon entering the Institute, the Sole Survivors companion will not be allowed to follow, they will simply rejoin the player upon their emergence from the C.I.T ruins.

Act Three

This is where things start to get really interesting and a little bit complicated. You see, after the success of Fallout New Vegas, the developers of this title may have looked at the main storyline Obsidian crafted and thought to themselves, “why don’t we do something like that?” And that is just what they did.

Like Fallout New Vegas then, this installment of the Fallout franchise allows the player to decide which faction they wish to finish the game aligned to. This, therefore, gives the player the decision as to which faction they wish to win the power struggle which has permeated the entire game.

You might, from this point, assume that the quests for each of these factions, The Brotherhood of Steel, The Railroad, The Institute, and The Minutemen all have their own unique paths to victory and will therefore have this guide going on forever. You would be wise to assume but, alas, the developers may have gotten a bit bored.

Instead, the quest options/differences are rather like for like. If the player should decide to take the Institute’s side, they will begin the quest Nuclear family and, if the Sole Survivor decides to take the side of one of the opposing factions, you will simply pursue a slightly different version of the quest, The Nuclear Option.

Nuclear Family

As stated, this is the final Institute quest in order to finish the main Fallout questline. After completing the main Institute quests to destroy the other factions such as Airship Down and End of the Line wherein the player takes out both the Brotherhood of Steel and the Railroad respectively.

To begin this final quest then, return to the Institute and speak to Father, or Old Shaun, however, you like to refer to your own son who is somehow older than you. Upon returning to him, you will find that he is suffering from the late stages of cancer and is soon going to take his last breath.

Just before his death then, the ending scene plays which gives the player certain glimpses into their life prior to the Great War and all they have done since waking up in that infernal cryo-chamber. At the end of this scene, the player will be made head of the Institute, assuming their sons’ role.

The Nuclear Option

This quest is named the same, whether you complete it for the Brotherhood, Minutemen, or Railroad. However, there are slight differences to the build-up for these quests depending on which faction you wish to align with against the synth creating demons.

The Brotherhood of Steel Path

If you side with the Brotherhood, the player will first have to wipe out the Railroad in a quest called Tactical Thinking. Soon after, the player finds out that the massive robot docked in the Boston Airport actually will see some action, just as long as you find a Beryllium Agitator from the Mass Fusion building.

After completing this quest, Liberty Prime will be good to go and The Nuclear option quest may begin with the massive robot blowing a hole in the Institute’s roof, letting in both the player and a Brotherhood strike team, thus eliminating the Institute.

At this stage, the player will then get the choice of whether to take the synthetic version of young Shaun with them, effectively rescuing him from the demolition of the building.

No matter which decision the player makes, they will return to the Prydwen wherein Elder Maxson will let the player destroy the Institute base and grant the player the rank of Sentinel, a special rank only given to most experienced and distinguished soldiers of the East Coast Brotherhood of Steel. Effectively placing the Sole Survivor as second in command under the Elder.

The Railroad Path

To start, the player must complete the quest, Rockets’ Red Glare. This quest involved boarding a Vertibird with a great number of explosive charges, given to the player by Deacon. The player then makes their way up to the Prydwen and must somehow make their way to critical points throughout the Brotherhood mothership in order to place said explosives.

The player can either do this via donning a Brotherhood uniform and making their way through this undercover. This will go smoothly as long as no members of the Brotherhood leadership are encountered, otherwise, a fight will break out once they question your motives if you cannot pass the speech checks. Alternatively, it is possible to do this part of the mission via sneak or by full-frontal assault.

Upon planting the charges, the player must then make their way back to Tinker Tom and his Vertibird in order to leave. Once far enough away, Tom will signal the player to blow up the ship, eliminating the Brotherhood for the most part. This section of the quest will then be completed after talking to Desdemona back at the Railroad HQ, thus beginning the quest The Nuclear Option.

The Nuclear Option quest partook on behalf of the Railroad pretty much goes through the same stages as the Brotherhood option did, the only difference is that the player simply teleports into the building and then receives help from a synth on this inside named Z1-14.

Once everything is set, all necessary characters are teleported outside of the building to the top of the Mass Fusion building wherein they can watch the destruction of the Institute from a safe distance. Once the button is pressed and the building is destroyed, the main quest for the Institute will be over.

The Minutemen Path

If the player decides to complete the game with the Minutemen against the Institute, the player will first have to complete the quest, Defend the Castle. In this quest, the Sole Survivor will have to build defenses around the Minutemen HQ in order to fend off waves of Institute synths. Once these defenses are built and the subsequent waves of both synths and the odd courser are pushed back and defeated, the Minutemen will be allowed to progress to The Nuclear Option quest.

The Sole Survivor must already have at least 8 settlements under the protection of the Minutemen in order for Preston Garvey to give the go-ahead for their attack on the Institute, otherwise, the quest Form Ranks must be completed first. If these settlements are acquired, Preston tells the player to find Sturges and seek his help.

When you find Sturges, often located in Sanctuary Hills, he will tell the player about an underground access route running through an old sewer tunnel as well as give the player a holotape with special codes which will allow for Minutemen reinforcements to enter the building once the player has spliced them into the Institute relay from the inside.

When everything is ready, like the other Nuclear Option quests, the player will be transported outside the building in order to blow it up, thus completing the main quest.

In Brief:

  1. If the player completes the Nuclear Option quest via the Railroad route, the Institute does not mark the player as an enemy at any point. This, therefore, allows the player to maintain X6-88 as a companion even after the building is destroyed.
  2. If completed with the Minutemen, soldiers from this organization will be seen dotted around the Commonwealth at military checkpoints.
  3. The player can maintain their position and friendship with the Minutemen no matter which side they choose in the final battle.
  4. With the Brotherhood path, if the player has 10 intelligence points and the Idiot Savage perk at rank 2, beginning this quest will give the player a massive 9750 XP.

Standout Fallout 4 Quests

The Fallout games have long been known for their amazingly diverse and time-consuming side quests. This helps give the games a sense of going on forever as you are continually finding new things to do and people to either help, steal from, or kill. Therefore, it would be a real shame if this guide merely focused on the main questline because, as we all know, even though we were supposed to be out searching for Shaun in some sort of blood-fueled rage, most of us got a little bit distracted along the way.

Hey, some of my friends who still play the game never even bothered to complete the main quest, they got too busy shooting teddy bears at Deathclaws to care apparently. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the standout side quests within Fallout 4!

Here Kitty Kitty

Now, I know what you are all thinking, how could a quest revolving around searching for a silly lost cat get into this guide of standout Fallout 4 quests? I get it, but please, just hear me out.

To begin this quest, the player must enter Vault 81. Immediately after entering, the aforementioned cat, named Ashes, will scarper out, leaving its young owner, Erin Combes a little bit upset. Apparently, the cat had scratched her just before the Sole Survivor entered the vault and she had shouted for it to get out. Apparently understanding English to a very high degree, the feline did just that, leaving Erin feeling very guilty. The player is then subsequently tasked with finding the missing pet as Erin has no clue where he might have gone.

To find this wayward kitty, the player must head towards Chestnut Hillock Reservoir, just east of Vault 81 and north of the Mass Turnpike Tunnel West. The cat can then be found in one of two places, either by the docks or on the opposite side of the reservoir, near a lonely skeleton sitting on a wheelchair. At this point, the cat can be either killed or spoken to. If it turns out that you are in fact not a monster, speaking to the cat will, believe it or not, garner no response. Instead, the cat will simply run back to Erin the vault.

Once you return, Erin will give the player a reward in the shape of a fusion core. Alternatively, though, after a couple of speech cheeks, the player may receive a different reward such as Erin’s Kickball or her old teddy.

The reason I chose this quest to include in this guide is actually quite simple. It’s different. A lot of the quests throughout the game are very much one and the same, go somewhere, kill people, and then get paid some caps. This quest however brings a nice change of pace and therefore a little reprieve from the constant gunfights, a welcomed change of pace if you ask me.

In Brief:

  1. The purpose of Vault 81 was to create an effective cure for every sickness known to man via systematically infecting and possibly curing the residents of the vault over time.
  2. If the fusion core is passed up instead of the other rewards, it is lost forever.
  3. Killing Ashes is considered murder by most companions and will also garner a negative reaction from them.

Here Be Monsters

This quest is one of the frontrunners for Fallout 4’s favorite side quests amongst the community. To begin, simply talk to Danny Kowalski in the docks near the Shamrock Taphouse, you can find this just south of the Custom House Tower and north of the Harbormaster Hotel in the central area of the Commonwealth.

When speaking the Kowalski, he will tell the Sole Survivor about a monster he had seen out in the water by the docks. Upon investigating this claim, the player will instead find the Yangtze-31, a Chinese submarine that likely launched nuclear weapons on Boston during the great war.

If you know your Fallout history and consider yourself a ‘patriot’ for one reason or another, the character found inside this submarine, Submarine Commander Zao may not be your cup of tea, considering he was likely the arm of the Peoples Republic of China which launched the nuclear weapons upon America.

If you choose not to kill the Commander however, he will give the player a quest to find items in order to fix up his submarine. Once completed, Zao will reward the player with three homing beacons, capable of ordering nukes on any given location, and his unique sword which deals 16 damage at the base level.

In Brief:

  1. Completing this quest gives the player the unique weapon, Zao’s Sword, and three nuclear beacons.
  2. This ship was likely the one that launched nuclear warheads towards Boston and New York in October 2077.

Last Voyage of the USS Constitution

When walking through the central area of the Commonwealth, most players will have noticed the massive frigate sitting atop a building just east of Bunker Hill and west of East Boston Police Station. This massive, medieval-era-looking ship is somehow resting at the top of a building, seemingly with alterations made all around its base in the form of rockets.

Of course, like any good explorer, such a sight sparked great interest in me when I first saw it, and so I made my way over to the landlocked vessel. When approaching the USS Constitution, the Sole Survivor will be greeted by a Mr. Handy robot aptly named Lookout. This crewman will tell the player to report to Captain Ironsides on the ship’s main deck, thus beginning the quest.

When one finally reaches the sentry bot captain, they will find out that the boat requires some assistance in order to get back up to full functionality again, to do this, the captain points the player to the ship’s navigator, unsurprisingly called Mr. Navigator. Before you can do this, however, a quick wave of scavengers must be defeated.

This character will tell the player what needs fixing as well as the location of the navigator chip which was previously stolen by scavengers. The player therefore must journey to find the chip. Once there, the player will talk to Mandy Stiles who will try and convince the player to help the scavengers instead of the robots.

If you decide to side with the robots, you will have to steal the chip from the scavengers whilst siding with the humans will mean that they give you it for free as long as you bring any parts to repair the ship to them first so they can sabotage the robot’s efforts. After all this, you are sent on some more missions to locate parts.

If you choose to side with the robots, the player will have to fend off another scavenger attack before helping to free the ship from the building it currently rests on, doing this will earn the player a Lieutenant’s hat from Ironsides and conclude the quest.

Alternatively, if sided with the scavengers, the player must simply continue handing parts over to the scavengers to be tampered with before turning on the power to the ship. Upon realizing this double-cross, the robots will turn hostile forcing you and the scavengers to board the ship and wipe them out.

After this, the scavengers and the Sole Survivor must meet up to discuss the pre-determined division of the loot, however, being scavengers and all that, Mandy and her pal Davies decide to keep it all for themselves resulting in a gunfight they will ultimately lose, completing the quest.

In Brief:

  1. The player can also get a unique weapon from Captain Ironsides named Broadsider.
  2. Most companions will have no negative feelings regarding the player helping the robots in this quest, only Cait will dislike it. The rest are mostly ambivalent except for Deacon who loves it for some reason.
  3. When siding with the robots, after the ship crashes, the robots will help out when the player comes into contact with enemies within the range of their guns.

Kid in a Fridge

To begin this quest, the player should investigate the area just south of University Point, more specifically, the ruined house in this location. When close enough to the quest start point, the player may hear the voice of a child calling from a refrigerator nearby. Once the player manages to free the child from the said fridge, most likely by shooting the handle off, out will tumble Billy.

Kid in a Fridge

Billy is a boy born before the Great War. Apparently, he had ran to the fridge for shelter during the Great War and the resulting radiation had turned him into a ghoul, thus trapping the poor child in a refrigerator, alive and fully cognizant for over 210 years. This section of the quest is a nod to the Indiana Jones films wherein the hero survives a nuclear blast due to the metal lining of a refrigerator.

A topic that has been explored before in the Fallout universe as in Fallout New Vegas, if you have chosen the Wild Wasteland perk, the player will be able to find a fridge randomly in the Mojave wasteland with a skeleton inside complete with whip and cowboy hat.

After talking to Billy, he will tell you that he wants to return to his family in Quincy. The player will then agree although they will most likely assume this journey will not end well for Billy. Along this journey, you will encounter a Gunner named Bullet who wishes to buy Billy.

There are multiple issues with this in my opinion, first of all, the man’s name is actually bullet and secondly, he wishes to buy a child. If you for some reason agree to this, the player can sell Billy for a maximum of 350 caps after passing some speech checks. However, should you refuse and continue on with Billy to Quincy, you will find that his now ghoul parents also survived, making them one big happy family again.

Sadly though, Bullet is apparently not a man who takes no for an answer as he follows the player to the Peabody house, ordering them to come outside to meet him and his less than savory friends. The player can then either defend the family by killing these lowlifes or pass a very hard speech check with Bullet, convincing him that nobody is home. Either way, the father will reward to player with 250 caps, completing the quest.

In Brief: 

  1. Killing Billy’s parents either during or before the start of this quest will cause it to fail.
  2. Pretty much every follower, including Cait, hates any betrayal of Billy or the Peabodys to Bullet except for Porter Gage.
  3. This quest serves as a call back to previous Fallout games, Indiana Jones films, and past public service commercials which warned children about entering fridges with locks on them. In the 50s and 60s, IRL, some children did get trapped in fridges this way and some sadly died.

The Best of the Rest

As much as we would love to walk you through each and every quest in Fallout 4, that would exactly be conducive to a great article. Plus, we want to leave some mysteries uncovered so you can search them out. So with that in mind, here are some other best Fallout 4 quests that you should absolutely check out!

  • – Here There Be Monsters
  • – Curtain Call
  • – Cambridge Polymer labs
  • – Public Knowledge
  • – The Gilded grasshopper
  • Human Error
  • – Mystery Meat
  • – The Devils Due
  • The Silver Shroud

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How many missions or quests are there in Fallout 4

Answer: In the base game, there are a total of 191 quests, this number increases to 272 once all of the DLCs are installed.

Question: Should I give Jet to Mama Murphy?

Answer: Whilst there are myriad benefits to giving Mama Murphy her fix, helping with Kellogg and other events through the game, there is a downside. When giving Mama Murphy Jet, the player will receive a penalty in the form of dislike from both Sturges and Preston Garvey.

Question: Is Sturges a Synth?

Answer: In the actual Fallout 4 game, there is no mention or indication anywhere that Sturges is a synth. However, in the developer files, access to skilled PC users, there is evidence that he is either a synth or had been planned to be one at one stage. This was either cut from the game entirely or has been left to be decided by the player themselves.

Question: Can you join all factions in Fallout 4?

Answer: There is one simple answer to this question, no. Sadly, there is just no way to play the game through to the end without angering one of the other factions.

Question: What Are The DLC Add-Ons In Fallout 4?

The DLC add-ons available in fallout 4 are as follows:

– Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC
– Fallout 4 Wasteland Workshop DLC
– Fallout 4 Automation DLC
– Fallout 4 Nuka World DLC

Question: What platforms Can I Play Fallout 4 On?

Answer: Fallout 4 is available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and PSVR.

Final Thoughts

So, there we have it, a guide to some of the standout quests in Fallout 4 as well as a pretty complete summary/walkthrough of the main questline. Hopefully, now that you have been armed with this information, you will either enjoy your very first or your 30th playthrough of Bethesda Game Studios latest full Fallout title that little bit more. Either way, have fun out there and watch your backs because War, War never changes.

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