Diamond City Guide

Diamond City Guide

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Known as the Great, Green Jewel of the Commonwealth, Diamond City fittingly sits in the center of Fallout 4’s map as the largest and most prominent settlement in the Commonwealth. Sole Survivors will likely find themselves here early in their playthroughs for one reason or another. 

Fallout 3’s settlements didn’t stack up to their predecessors in Fallout 1 and 2, like Vault City, The Hub, or New Reno. Fallout: New Vegas also outclassed Fallout 3’s settlements with, surprise, New Vegas and the Strip. How does Diamond City stack up? Continue reading this Diamond City guide to find out.


diamond city location
Diamond City is in southern Boston, southeast of Sanctuary.

Diamond City is in southern Boston, in the center of the map. It’s a short walk east of Vault 81. From Sanctuary, it’s a long walk southeast. 

If you need help finding it, speak with the traveling merchant Trashcan Carla about Diamond City, and she will mark it on your map. Alternatively, if you happen upon Gorski Cabin in your early game travels, there’s a copy of Wasteland Survival Guide inside, which also marks Diamond City on your map. 

The History of Diamond City

Diamond City came to be in the year 2130. Located in the Fens neighborhood of southern Boston, Diamond City is a shanty city built into the largely intact ruins of Fenway Park stadium. 

The Wall has shielded Diamond City from hostile creatures and people of the outside world. Not once has anyone successfully breached through The Wall.

Supplementing the defense provided by The Wall is Diamond City’s own security force. They wear pre-War baseball gear like umpire pads as armor and use baseball bats and pipe guns for weapons. They patrol inside Diamond City and the surrounding neighborhoods. 

With access to clean water and electricity, Diamond City quickly established itself as a safe and welcoming settlement. Diamond City has a robust marketplace and quickly became a central trading hub in the Commonwealth.

Diamond City also has a public school that provides free education and a non-denominational church for those who wish to pray in peace. Diamond City even has its own radio station. 

As far as post-Apocalyptic settlements go, Diamond City has done a standup job of becoming something at least mildly resembling a pre-War town.

But Diamond City has had more than its fair share of trouble over the years. And some of these events have had lasting impacts on various factions and settlements in the Commonwealth

2180: Battle of Diamond City

Fifty years after the formation of Diamond City, the Great, Green Jewel of the Commonwealth almost met its end at the hands of a hoard of super mutants.

Luckily for Diamond City, the recently formed Commonwealth Minutemen arrived on the scene. With assistance from Diamond City security, the Commonwealth Minutemen successfully fought off the super mutants and established themselves as reliable protectors in the region.

2229: Broken Mask Incident

In 2229, a man named Mr. Carter visited a market bar in Diamond City. He seemed like your ordinary traveler, conversing with his fellow patrons. Suddenly, Mr. Carter pulled out a revolver and began killing people at the bar. 

Mr. Carter took more punishment than your average human, but eventually, Diamond City security put him down. Upon inspecting his body, they found components on his person that wouldn’t be there if he were human. It turns out that Mr. Carter was an Institute synth. 

The incident, alongside the CPG Massacre, solidified the Institute’s status as Commonwealth boogeyman. Half a century later, fear and paranoia about synths still run deep in Diamond City. 

Roslyn Chambers, who lost her parents in the incident, developed a deep-seated hatred of synths afterward. She would go on to create the Compound, an organization dedicated to identifying and eradicating synths. 

Diamond City Exterior

Diamond City Exterior
The Bunker Hill trade caravans make regular stops at Diamond City gates.

Just outside the entrance of Diamond City is a “safe zone” guarded by Diamond City security and turrets. You will sometimes run into the trade caravans of Cricket, Lucas Miller, Doc Weathers, and Trashcan Carla here. 

Lower Fields

All Faiths Chapel

All Faiths Chapel is a welcoming church open to people of all faiths to pray in peace. Pastor Clements runs the place. 

Sitting down on a pew inside the church will grant Sole Survivors the Quiet Reflection perk (+5% to experience earned) for eight in-game hours. 

Publick Occurrences

publick occurences
Publick Occurrences is Diamond City’s newspaper.

Publick Occurrences is a public newspaper facility run by Piper and her sister Nat. Piper does the writing, and Nat does the newsgirl hollering and distributes the paper to Diamond City residents. 

Home Plate

home plate wasteland gamers
Home Plate is a purchasable home in Diamond City.

Home Plate is a potential home and mini settlement the Sole Survivor can purchase in Diamond City from Geneva for 2000 caps. It’s relatively spacious and has a Power Armor station outside. 

As a settlement, it’s limited and has little Workshop functionality.

Diamond City Radio

diamond city radio wasteland gamers
Diamond City Radio is run by Travis Lonely Miles.

Diamond City Radio is a radio station run by Travis Lonely Miles or Sheng Kawolski if Travis dies.

Diamond City Radio plays dozens of classic tunes and a handful of songs by Goodneighbor singer Magnolia. Travis will comment on various quests you have completed, and he also advertises businesses in Diamond City, like Commonwealth Weaponry. 

Science! Center

science center wasteland gamers
Professor Scara and Doctor Duff run the Science! Center.

The Science! Center is the place for all things scientific in Diamond City. Professor Scara and Doctor Duff operate the facility. 

The Science! Center contains a weapons workbench, chemistry station, cooking station, and armor workbench. 


schoolhouse wasteland gamers
The Schoolhouse provides free education to any child who wants it. And Curie.

The Schoolhouse is the public education facility of Diamond City, offering free education to all residents. Mister Zwicky and Edna, his Miss Nanny robot companion, are the teachers here. 

Security Office

Diamond City's security force wasteland gamers
The security office is headquarters of Diamond City’s security force.

The Security Office is the base of operations for Diamond City security. It contains their barracks, a restroom, a shower room, and Diamond City’s jail.

The Wall

the wall wasteland gamers
The Green Monster Wall has protected Diamond City from the outside world.

The Wall refers to a particular section of Diamond City’s wall. Abbot, The Wall’s caretaker, is always around during the day and lives nearby. 


The Greenhouse is in Diamond City’s infield and one of the primary locations where Diamond City residents grow their food. Numerous tato and mutfruit plants are growing inside. 

Sheng Kawolski’s house

Sheng Kawolski's house wasteland gamers
Sheng is a young purified water salesman.

Sheng Kawolski’s house is the residence of young Sheng Kawolski and his workplace. Despite his youth, Sheng runs his own business selling purified water he obtains from the reservoir to Diamond City’s residents. 

Dugout Inn

The Dugout Inn wasteland gamers
The Dugout Inn is the favored hangout for Lower Fields residents.

The Dugout Inn is a popular bar and hotel run by twin Ukrainian brothers Vadim and Yefim Bobrov. 

The Bobrov brothers sell numerous alcoholic beverages in their establishment, including their self-made Bobrov’s Best moonshine. Phil Cassidy would love these guys.  

Valentine Detective Agency

The Valentine Detective Agency wasteland gamers
The Valentine Detective Agency is run by Nick Valentine.

The Valentine Detective Agency is a PI business run by Nick Valentine and his assistant/secretary Ellie Perkins. Nick Valentine will not be here until after you’ve completed Unlikely Valentine.

Nick takes on requests from various individuals both inside and outside Diamond City. Most requests are kidnappings or missing person incidents. 

Diamond City Marketplace

The main attraction of Diamond City is undoubtedly the marketplace. It’s a one-stop shop for almost everything a Sole Survivor could want.

Before browsing the shops of Diamond City, look at the ground after entering the marketplace. You will see a home plate. Take a jog counter-clockwise, running the bases back to home plate. Doing so will unlock the Home Run achievement. 

Now, let’s do some shopping. Window or otherwise. 


Chem-I-Care wasteland gamers
Chem-I-Care sells most chems available in the game.

Chem-I-Care is a drugstore run by Solomon. He sells various chems and, to a lesser extent, medical drugs. 

Choice Chops

Choice Cuts wasteland gamers
Choice Cuts sells various meat.

Choice Chops is a butcher shop run by Polly. She sells various raw meat but primarily sells brahmin meat provided to her by the Codman family farms. 

Power Noodles

power noodles wasteland gamers
Takahashi doesn’t say much, but he makes a mean bowl of noodles.

Power Noodles is a restaurant run by a Protectron named Takahashi. He sells noodle cups.  

Mega Surgery Center

Mega Surgery Center
Mega surgery center sells medical supplies and offers facial reconstruction services.

Mega Surgery Center is a medical facility run by Doctor Sun and Doctor Crocker. Doctor Sun sells medical supplies and can restore your health and heal your radiation. He can also provide facial reconstruction surgery instead of Crocker later on.

Inside the Mega Surgery Center, Doctor Crocker offers facial reconstruction surgery until after The Disappearing Act.

Kathy & John’s Super Salon 

Kathy & John's Super Salon  wasteland gamers
Check out the Super Salon if you want a haircut.

Kathy & John’s Super Salon is a cosmetology center run by mother Kathy and son John. They can help Sole Survivors change their haircuts and facial hair. 


Swatters inventory wasteland gamers
Swatters sells a variety of modded baseball bats.


Swatters is a baseball memorabilia shop run by Moe Cronin. He sells a variety of default and modded baseball bats, including the Rockville Slugger (A baseball bat with the VATS-enhanced legendary effect). 

Fallon’s Basement

Fallon's Basement wasteland gamers
Fallon’s basement has a wide selection of useful clothes for sale.

Fallon’s Basement is a clothing store run by Becky Fallon. If you’re having trouble acquiring top-tier clothing, like the green rag hat, military fatigues, or a Charisma outfit Fallon likely has them in stock.

Clothing is essential in the mid-late game after you acquire the ballistic weave mod, so make sure your wardrobe is up-to-date.  

Diamond City Surplus

Diamond City Surplus wasteland gamers
Diamond City Surplus sells any assortment of goods.

Diamond City Surplus is a general goods store run by Myrna during the day and Percy at night. They offer everything from weapons and armor to crafting components and medical supplies. These two have separate inventories, giving you access to more caps if selling and more goods if buying. 

Commonwealth Weaponry

Commonwealth Weaponry wasteland gamers
Commonwealth Weaponry mostly sells weapons, ammo, and armor.

Commonwealth Weaponry is Diamond City’s weapon shop run by Arturo Rodriguez. Arturo sells weapons, armor, ammo, weapon mods, and crafting components. 

Arturo is one of the most reliable vendors for Cryolator ammo in the game. 

Upper Stands

War never changes, and neither does classism. 

The people of the Upper Stands are the most affluent and wealthy citizens of Diamond City. Most of them stick to their own and never go to the Lower Fields. 

Colonial Taphouse

Colonial Taphouse wasteland gamers
The Colonial Taphouse is the hangout for Upper Fields residents.

The Colonial Taphouse is a tavern run by Henry Cooke. Most of the Upper Stands residents socialize and dine here. 

The outside area of Colonial Taphouse is a dining area run by the Mister Handy unit called Wellington. He serves food to patrons as they look down on the Lower Fields. Henry Cooke stays inside and tends to the bar. 

Mayor’s office

Mayor's office wasteland gamers
The mayor’s office is home to Mayor McDonough.

The mayor’s office is the workplace and house of Mayor McDonough.

Kellog’s house

Kellogg’s house is the Diamond City abode of the mysterious Conrad Kellog. Unlike the other residents of the Upper Stands, Kellog’s house stands alone in a secluded area. 

You will eventually find yourself investigating Kellog and his house more closely during the main quest. 

Notable Loot

  • Big Boy (Purchasable from Arturo)
  • Old Faithful (Purchasable from Arturo)
  • Protector’s armor (Purchasable from Arturo)
  • Rockville Slugger (Purchasable from Moe Cronin)
  • Wastelander’s chest piece (Purchasable from Myrna/Percy)
  • Champion chest piece & right arm (Purchasable from Becky Fallon)
  • Geneva’s ensemble (Unique casual outfit) (Reverse-pickpocketed from Geneva)
  • Red leather trench coat and press cap (Tradeable from Piper)
  • Mini nuke (Stolen from Arturo’s house)
  • Live & Love #9 (Found in the Schoolhouse)
  • RobCo Fun Zeta Invaders minigame (Found inside Valentine Detective Agency)
  • Gwinnett ale brewing subroutine (Found in Colonial Taphouse)

Notable Quests

Jewel of the Commonwealth

After completing When Freedom Calls, or after stumbling upon Diamond City on your own, Jewel of the Commonwealth will begin. Many folks recommend Diamond City as the best place to look for information regarding your missing Shaun. 

Once inside Diamond City, speak with some of the residents to see who can best help you in your quest. A handful of them will direct you to the Valentine Detective Agency. 

Unlikely Valentine

After entering the Valentine Detective Agency for the first time, secretary Ellie Perkins will turn you away as Nick has gone missing while out in the field. She tells you that Nick was captured while investigating Skinny Malone and the Triggermen holed up at Park Street Station. Ellie begs you to go out and rescue him.

Upon entering Park Street Station, you’ll soon discover that Vault 114 is stationed next to it, and the Triggermen are using it as a hideout. You’ll need to make your way through the Vault to rescue Nick. 

Getting a Clue

After completing Unlikely Valentine and saving Nick Valentine, you’ll both return to the Valentine Detective Agency. Nick and his secretary Ellie will begin asking you for details on Shaun’s kidnapping.

After some back and forth, Nick concludes that Conrad Kellogg is the likely suspect in the crime. The two of you should check out Kellog’s house for clues. 

Pick Kellogg’s Master-locked door yourself or via a companion, or obtain a copy of his house key. Once inside, confirm that Kellog has been up to no good. You’ll need to track him down. And who is better at tracking down people than Dogmeat?

Story of the Century

After meeting Piper for the first time, she will request an interview with you at Publick Occurrences. Agree to the interview, and she will ask you five questions about you, life in the Vault, and your thoughts on the Commonwealth. 

Completing the interview will complete the quest and unlock Piper immediately as a companion. 

Confidence Man

If you’ve tuned into Diamond City Radio at any point thus far, you’ll know that the radio host, Travis Miles, isn’t very good at it. 

The Bobrov brothers of the Dugout Inn are friends with Travis and want him to be more confident. Vadim, in particular, has a plan.

He’s going to stage a bar fight that Travis will win, and he wants your help. But falsely giving Travis the idea that he’s a badass in a fight might not be good for his health in the long run, as you, Vadim, and Travis may quickly find out. But what’s a little risk to a lot of confidence?

Diamond City Blues

Paul Pembroke is despondent over his current state of affairs. His wife is cheating on him with his former friend Henry Cooke, and after confronting Henry, Paul gets beat up. Paul wants your help in getting Henry to leave Darcy alone.

Confront Henry at the Colonial Taphouse and get him to back off Darcy. As an added bonus, there’s a chem deal going down soon that you can rip off. Do it yourself or with Henry and or Paul. But be careful what actions you take. Some won’t be without consequences. 

Out in Left Field

Ask Moe Cronin if he has any work, and he’ll tell you he knows about a stash of pre-War baseball collectibles at Westing Estate. He offers you 100 caps each for a signed baseball, baseball mitt, and baseball card. You can haggle him up to 200 each. 

Painting the Town

Speak with Abbot by The Wall, and he’ll tell you he needs more paint to keep doing his job. Only one place in the Commonwealth still has green paint: Hardware Town to the west. Unfortunately, it’s now a raider hideout. Abbot needs you to go there so the Green Monster of Diamond City can keep scaring the real monsters away. 

The Big Dig

You and Bobbi No-Nose head to Diamond City to break out her associate Mel. He’s currently in jail at the Diamond City security office. He’s vital to Bobbi’s plan, so you need to spring him. Once he’s free, you can continue with The Big Dig

The Devil’s Due

One of Diamond City’s many guards will tell you something weird is happening at the Museum of Witchcraft. Head there to see what it is and begin The Devil’s Due. 

I won’t spoil it, but let’s just say some creatures there aren’t exactly newbie friendly. But you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. 

The Disappearing Act

After completing Unlikely Valentine and unlocking the case files at Nick’s office, you can take on some side detective work. Read the case notes regarding Earl Sterling. He works at the Dugout Inn but hasn’t shown up in a few days. Vadim is worried and reported him as missing. 

Speak with the employees of the Dugout Inn and search Earl’s house to get some ideas on what happened to him. Was this another Institute kidnapping or something else?

The Gilded Grasshopper

Read the Marty Bullfinch case files to learn about Nick’s old partner’s last adventure. He was set on finding the Gilded Grasshopper as he thinks it contains a treasure map. He left for Faneuil Hall to find it. 

Faneuil Hall is a super mutant den, so caution is necessary. No supposed treasure is worth a bear hug from a super mutant suicider. 

The Marowski Heist

The Marowski Heist is only available if things go south for Paul Pembroke during Diamond City Blues. Darcy will come looking for you and ask about Paul’s whereabouts. Either tell her you’ll help her find out, or tell her Paul is dead (If you killed him yourself, you need to lie about it). 

Darcy will be in grieving for a week. Approach her after that, and she will give you the Marowski Heist photo. It’s a picture of Paul, Malcom Latimer, and Henry Cooke, the men who robbed Marowski years ago.

Marowski never found out who robbed his drug warehouse and would love to get his hands on the culprits. A lot of people would pay a lot of money for the picture. Darcy wants half of what you can get by selling it so she can support her family. 

From Within/Liberty Reprimed

The Brotherhood of Steel wants you to recruit Doctor Li to work on Liberty Prime. If you accidentally make yourself enemies with the Institute prematurely and end up banished from the Institute, it will be impossible to recruit Doctor Li. But the Brotherhood of Steel has a backup plan: Doctor Scara of Diamond City. 

Head for the Science! Center in Diamond City and Scara won’t be there. Speak with Doctor Duff, and she’ll tell you Scara went off to General Atomics Galleria. You must head there and convince her to join the Brotherhood of Steel. 

Powering Up

If you’ve sided with the Institute, Father wants you to increase the radio strength of Diamond City Radio to better broadcast the Institute’s message across the Commonwealth. Head for Diamond City Radio and use the transmitter gear inside to boost the station’s range. 

In Sheep’s Clothing

To begin In Sheep’s Clothing, you must complete The Nuclear Option with any faction or Political Leanings, then get banished from the Institute. Upon your next visit to Diamond City, you’ll see gate guard Danny Sullivan shot and dying. He tells you the mayor shot him after Danny saw the mayor speaking with an Institute synth. 

McDonough has carried out his last act as mayor and needs to be stopped. Head to his office and confront him. 

Wedding Day

Miss Edna, the Miss Nanny, is in love with Mister Zwicky. She knows how absurd it is since she’s a robot and Zwicky is human, but love is love, right? Can you help the two live happily ever after?

Notable Residents

Mayor McDonough

Mayor McDonough wasteland gamers
McDonough is mayor of Diamond City.

Mayor McDonough is the Mayor of Diamond City. McDonough is responsible for the banishment of ghouls in Diamond City after running a successful anti-ghoul Mayoral campaign. McDonough is the brother of Goodneighbor mayor Hancock, meaning he kicked his own brother out of Diamond City. Ouch. 

McDonough is frequently at odds with Piper due to her newspaper and the rumors she prints, most notably the claim that McDonough is a synth. 


Geneva wasteland gamers
Geneva is the mayor’s secretary and will give you the keys to Home Plate.

Geneva is Mayor McDonough’s secretary and plays a role in several quests. During Getting a Clue, you can persuade or bribe Geneva into giving you the key to Kellog’s house. 

If you wish to purchase Home Plate, you must speak with Geneva. If Geneva dies before you buy the house, you cannot own Home Plate. 

Piper Wright

Piper Wright wasteland gamers
Piper is a journalist and one of your potential companions.

Piper Wright is the co-owner and writer of Publick Occurrences. A tragedy in her past involving her father set her on the path of being an investigative reporter. 

Piper runs Publick Occurences alongside her younger sister Nat. She investigates everything from corrupt guards to less-fortified areas of The Wall. Over the years, her nosy nature has caused Piper to become more and more alienated, with fewer Diamond City residents willing to talk to her.

Piper and Nick Valentine share a natural camaraderie since both are investigators (And want to make the world a better place).

When you first meet Piper, she’s stuck outside Diamond City’s gate on orders from Mayor McDonough. After getting inside Diamond City again with your help, Piper asks if she can interview you. From that point on, Piper is available as one of your companions. 

Nat Wright

Nat Wright wasteland gamers
Nat Wright is just like her sister (To a fault).

Nat is Piper’s younger sister and helps Piper at Publick Occurences by standing outside and offering papers to those who walk by. 

Nat has picked up some of Piper’s more reckless tendencies, which has Piper worried (Due to the dangerous life Piper leads).

Nick Valentine

Nick Valentine wasteland gamers
Nick Valentine is a synth prototype and detective.

Nick Valentine is a discarded Generation 2 prototype synth turned private investigator. Despite the anti-synth sentiment in Diamond City, Nick earned his place and the respect of the residents by rescuing the daughter of the former mayor, Henry Roberts.

After returning her to her father, Roberts rewarded him with a house in Diamond City. Initially, Nick worked in Diamond City as a handyman. Eventually, his true passion and skills for detective work emerged, and he’s been working as a private detective ever since. 

Nick runs the Valentine Detective Agency alongside his assistant Ellie Perkins. After rescuing Nick from a group of gangsters during Unlikely Valentine, Nick offers to help you find your son and becomes available as a companion.  

Ellie Perkins

Ellie Perkins wasteland gamers
Ellie is Nick’s secretary and assistant.

Ellie is Nick’s assistant at the Valentine Detective Agency. When visiting for the first time, Ellie points you in the direction of Vault 114 and asks you to rescue Nick. Later in the game, Ellie assists Nick and the Sole Survivor in their investigation of Conrad Kellogg and the miscellaneous case files. 


abbott wasteland gamers
Abbot takes care of The Wall in Diamond City.

Abbot is the caretaker of The Wall, primarily keeping its green paint job up to date. Abbot will ask the Sole Survivor for assistance retrieving more green paint so he can continue painting The Wall. 

Malcom Latimer

Malcom Latimer wasteland gamers
Malcom is a wealthy businessman with criminal ties.

Malcom Latimer is a wealthy Upper Stands resident and Triggerman associate. In his youth, he was more actively involved in crime. He has since mostly used his ill-gained wealth to get rich by more legal means though he is far from a clean businessman. 

Malcom spends most of his time at the Colonial Taphouse of his friend Henry Cooke. He has a son named Nelson but does not play an active role in his son’s activities. 

Nelson Latimer

Nelson Latimer is the son of Malcom Latimer. He has followed in his father’s footsteps into a life of crime. He is a poser that only talks tough, but his father’s wealth and influence are enough for the criminals he hangs out with to tolerate him. 

Nelson is involved in a drug scheme with Colonial Taphouse owner Henry Cooke. 

Henry Cooke

Henry Cooke wasteland gamers
Henry Cooke is the shady owner of the Colonial Taphouse.

Henry Cooke is the owner of Colonial Taphouse and a career criminal. He carried out a massive drug heist with Malcom Latimer and Paul Pembroke. While Malcom largely keeps away from crime (At least with getting his hands dirty personally) and Paul is completely retired, Cooke is still up to no good. 

Cooke runs a drug operation alongside Malcom’s son Nelson, smuggling drugs from Marowski’s Triggerman in Goodneighbor inside Diamond City. He is also secretly an informant for the Institute’s Synth Retention Bureau. 

Henry is still on good terms with Malcom but is no longer friends with Paul due to his affair with Paul’s wife, Darcy. Henry has an adult daughter, Colette, but they have lost touch for a while. She will eventually come looking for him after Diamond City Blues. 

Paul Pembroke

Paul Pembroke wasteland gamers
Paul Pembroke is an ex-criminal down on his luck.

Paul Pembroke is a retired criminal living in Diamond City’s Lower Fields. Years ago, he pulled off a drug heist and robbed a drug warehouse of Goodneighbor kingpin Marowski alongside Malcom Latimer and Henry Cooke. 

After the heist, Paul met and married his wife Darcy, promising her the world and Upper Stands to her. But while Malcom and Henry used their cuts of the heist to make themselves wealthy, Paul’s poor decisions have left him mostly broke. Making his life worse, his wife has begun an affair with his former friend Henry. 

Paul knows about the affair but has yet to do anything about it. That changes when he meets the Sole Survivor. 

Darcy Pembroke

Darcy Pembroke wasteland gamers
Darcy is Paul’s unsatisfied wife.

Darcy is Paul Pembroke’s wife. She wishes for a life in the Upper Stands. After Paul fails to provide the life he promised her, Darcy begins an affair with the wealthy Henry Cooke. As such, she spends a lot of time at the Colonial Taphouse. 

Darcy is disappointed in Paul but deeply loves their son Pete. Despite the strained marriage between Darcy and Paul, Darcy still genuinely loves Paul and has only gone astray. 

Yefim Bobrov

Yefim Bobrov wasteland gamers
Yefim is the quiet Bobrov brother.

Yefim is the quiet co-owner of the Dugout Inn. He is friends with Travis Miles and, alongside his brother, asks for the Sole Survivor’s help with their friend Travis. 

Vadim Bobrov

Vadim Bobrov wasteland gamers
Vadim is loud, friendly, and gets into more trouble than he should.

Vadim is the loud co-owner of the Dugout Inn. He has poor spending habits that his brother needs to make up for, but his heart is in the right place. He is good friends with Diamond City Radio host Travis Miles. 


Sheffield is an ex-alcoholic who has acquired a taste for Nuka-Cola. If the Sole Survivor gives him a Nuka-Cola, you can offer to have Sheffield work at one of your settlements. 

Professor Scara

Professor Scarav wasteland gamers
Scara doesn’t have time for questions. She has research to do.

Professor Scara is a scientist in the Science! Center and in a relationship with Doctor Duff. She keeps to herself, unlike Doctor Duff. 

Scara is particularly talented in the field of robotics. So much so that she gains the attention of the Brotherhood of Steel. 

Doctor Duff

Doctor Duff wasteland gamers
Doctor Duff is a lot friendlier than Professor Scara

Doctor Duff is the more public face of the Science! Center. She’s your typical quirky, absent-minded scientist. 

Doctor Duff will give the Sole Survivor a miscellaneous quest to bring her back a bloatfly gland. 

Doctor Sun

Doctor Sun wasteland gamers
Doctor Sun runs the Mega surgery center.

Doctor Sun is a medical supplies vendor at the Mega surgery center and facial reconstruction surgeon in place of Doc Crocker after The Disappearing Act.

Doc Crocker

Doc Crocker wasteland gamers
Crocker provides facial reconstruction services, but something is wrong with this guy,

Doc Crocker is a facial reconstruction surgeon at the Mega surgery center. He has an unnatural obsession with making faces perfect, to the point where he actually despises any face and person he deems ugly. He’s skilled but not the most careful while performing his work. 

Travis Miles

Travis Miles wasteland gamers
Travis Miles is radio host and needs your help to get some confidence.

Travis Miles is the soft-spoken and shy radio host of Diamond City Radio. He is devoid of anything resembling confidence until after you complete Confidence Man. From that point on, Travis’ voice and demeanor will change into that of a confident man.

Sheng Kawolski

Sheng is a purified water vendor living near Diamond City Radio. Should Travis die, Sheng talks over as the radio host. Sheng will ask you for help clearing out debris from the reservoir. 

Arturo Rodriguez

Arturo Rodriguez wasteland gamers
Arturo is owner of Commonwealth Weaponry.

Arturo is the proprietor of Commonwealth Weaponry, specializing in selling weapons, mods, armor, and ammo. He has a daughter named Nina. 

Becky Fallon

Becky Fallon wasteland gamers
Becky Fallon runs Fallon’s Basement.

Becky Fallon is the proprietor of Fallon’s Basement, a clothing emporium. She sells almost every available piece of clothing in Fallout 4

Becky once had a husband named Charlie, but he fell victim to an Institute kidnapping incident, and no one has seen him since.

John & Cathy

John and Cathy are the mother and son hair stylist duo of Diamond City. Together they run the Super Salon and can give your haircuts. 

Moe Cronin

Moe Cronin wasteland gamers
Moe loves baseball. Or so he thinks.

Moe Cronin is the proprietor of the baseball-themed Swatters store. He sells an assortment of custom baseball bats and uniforms. 

Moe has zero clue how people actually played baseball and thinks it was a bloodsport. Despite his ignorance of the history of baseball, he’s a self-proclaimed huge fan.


Myrna wasteland gamers
Myrna is a little too paranoid about synths, but she’s alright.

Myrna and Percy are the daytime and nighttime shopkeepers of Diamond City Surplus. They sell an assortment of goods, and Diamond City Surplus is the only shop in Diamond City Marketplace open 24/7.

Myrna possesses an irrational fear of synths to the point of regularly accusing Diamond City citizens of beings synths. 


Solomon wasteland gamers
Solomon is my kind of guy.

Solomon is the laid-back legal drug dealer of Diamond City, running Chem-I-Care as a one-stop chem shop. He will ask the Sole Survivor to find him a mutated fern.


Polly is a butcher who runs Choice Chops selling various meat cuts. 

If you read her terminal entries, you’ll discover this butcher is interested in poetry and dancing.


Takahashi wasteland gamers
Takahashi: The best cook bot in the Commonwealth.

Takahashi is the Protectron proprietor of Power Noodles. He sells noodle cups. 

Takahashi is broken and only has one line of Japanese dialogue. It is not possible to repair him.


Question: Should I head for Diamond City right away?

Answer: Yes, for one reason: Piper’s companion perk. After maxing out Piper’s affinity, you’ll obtain the Gift of Gab perk, which doubles exp from speech checks and discovering locations. The latter makes acquiring this perk sooner rather than later optimal. Try to avoid discovering locations on your way to Diamond City. 

Question: Can I assign settlers to Home Plate?

Answer: No. As a limited-use settlement, Home Plate cannot have any settlers. 

Question: Why doesn’t my Diamond City Radio play Magnolia’s songs?

Answer: You must visit The Third Rail in Goodneighbor before Diamond City Radio starts playing her songs. 


Diamond City is definitely an improvement over Fallout 3’s Megaton and Rivet City. There’s plenty to do, a decent purchasable home, and a reliable source of caps by selling goods to all the vendors in the marketplace. And we know what these residents eat. 

Bethesda missed out on some opportunities here and there, like having a postgame election to replace Mayor McDonough or having the Sole Survivor teach Diamond City how people actually played baseball. But overall, steps forward are still steps forward. The Great Green Jewel of the Commonwealth shines brightly.

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