Fallout 4 Fort Hagen Guide

Fallout 4 Fort Hagen Guide

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Fort Hagen is one of the most memorable locations in Fallout 4. It marks the halfway point of the main questline and is the battleground for your showdown with the man who kidnapped your son and murdered your spouse. 

It’s also home to a lot of great loot and crafting components. But these rewards don’t come free or easy. You’ll have to battle through a small army and Kellogg himself to get your spoils. So, join me in my Fallout 4 Fort Hagen guide as we take down Fort Hagen. 

Notable Loot

  • Guns and Bullets #2
  • U.S. Covert Operations Manual #6
  • RobCo Fun
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum
  • Energy weapons bobblehead
  • Fusion Core
  • Fatman
  • Mini-nuke
  • Kellogg’s pistol
  • Kellogg’s outfit

Getting to Fort Hagen

Dogmeat Leading You To Fort Hagen

Dogmeat will lead you to Fort Hagen from Diamond City in Reunions. It’s northwest of the great, green jewel of the Commonwealth. Along the way, you will have gotten into some skirmishes. 

I highly recommend that you store the loot you already have in one of the crafting stations at Fort Hagen Filling Station. You want your inventory to be as empty as possible before heading inside. 

Fort Hagen Roof Entrance

The main entrance is blocked off, so you have to find another way inside Fort Hagen. Five machinegun turrets are surrounding the perimeter of the roof’s fort. Deal with them as you make your way to the back of Fort Hagen. 

Head up several wooden ramps on the roof of Fort Hagen. They will take you back around to the front of the building. On the right side will be a roof hatch that you can use to get inside Fort Hagen.

Fort Hagen Guns and Bullets

Once inside, take a right to go into the kitchen to pick up a copy of Guns and Bullets. It’ll give you ballistic weapons a permanent +5 boost to their critical damage. There will be some Synths to deal with on this floor, so take care of them before heading downstairs.

Check to see if the powered-down Protectron is a legendary enemy using V.A.T.S., and destroy all the Synths of this floor to loot in peace. Watch out for the laser and machinegun turrets as well. Fort Hagen is a sprawling place, so take your time.

There are a lot of great crafting components here in the form of battered clipboards, military-grade circuit boards, abraxo cleaner, and aluminum items.

Make your way around the floor until you reach a room with a terminal on a pillar. Use it to access the nearby security room for some ammo and meds. Once done, use the elevator to head down further into the fort.

Fort Hagen Bottom Floor

You’re halfway through Fort Hagen, now. Make your way down the hall until you approach a rusty grey door. Kellogg will begin taunting you over the intercom. Disarm the Tesla Arc trap on the door and head through.

Once the elevator stops, head down the corridor, killing every Synth that gets in your way. There’s a blue door of the left near the elevator; unchain it to get a shortcut to the staircase near the protectron on the upper floor. 

Make your way down the hall, into a room, and down the stairs to another grey security gate. If you hear Kellogg’s taunts, you’re going in the right direction.

Fort Hagen Command Center Entrance

Down the stairs lies another security gate and a turret. Open it up to and use the double doors to get inside the Fort Hagen Security Center.

Fort Hagen Security Center

Make your way down the stairs and deal with the Synths in the corridor here. They’re all bunched up and make good targets for a couple of grenades. 

The security gate at the end of the hall is inaccessible right now, so double back and head through the double doors on the left. Loot the barracks and locker room before dealing with the laser turrets and Synths. 

Be sure to go into the generator room to pick up a fusion core. Then, head further down the hall and make your way to the cafeteria on the left. Head inside the kitchen to pick up the Energy weapons bobblehead.

It gives your energy weapons +25% critical damage and is easily one of the best bobbleheads in the game. Be careful, as even if you already killed all the Synths on this floor, more will come to ambush you.

Fort Hagen Energy Weapons Bobblehead

Head back the way you came and into a dead-end corridor on the right. Here you can find a Nuka-Cola Quantum and the Fort Hagen Armory password. Pick this up if you can’t hack Master terminals or don’t have Nick Valentine with you.

Go down the stairs next to the cafeteria and keep pressing onward. Steamroll your way through the Synths here, then head up the stairs at the end. You will immediately see a terminal on the wall and a laser turret right above it. Welcome to the Fort Hagen Armory. Destroy the turret and use the password you got earlier to get inside. 

Fort Hagen Fatman

Inside is a nice amount of meds, but the real prizes are behind the security gate. Pick the novice lock to get your hands on a Fatman and a mini-nuke. And some other ammo, but hey, the Fatman is the highlight here, am I right?

Fort Hagen U.S. Covert Operations Manual

Leave the armory, then go into the bedroom to your immediate left. Here, you will find an issue of U.S. Covert Operations Manual on the nightstand near the bed. Continue down the hall to the end, and destroy the laser turret.

Head through the red door, and you’ll be in Kellog’s bedroom. He will come on the intercom asking if the two of you can talk. He will unlock the next two security gates and even have his Synths stand down as a gesture of good faith.

Loot his room, mess up his bedsheets for good measure, then confront the man who kidnapped your son. 

Confronting Kellogg

Before You Begin: Some Foreknowledge

If you aren’t against giving Mama Murphy chems, you can use this to your advantage before your confrontation with Kellogg. 

Go to Sanctuary before following Dogmeat to Fort Hagen and find Mama Murphy in her chair. If you speak to her while the Reunions quest is active, she will request some Mentats. 

Mama Murphy Foreknowledge

Give her the drugs, and you will use The Sight to have a vision of events to come in this quest. She will tell you that he (Kellogg) can’t hurt you anymore. After this, you will gain Foreknowledge. It’s an unmarked perk that makes Kellogg do 25% less damage to you.

End of the Line

Fort Hagen Confronting Kellogg

Walk inside Kellogg’s little hideout, and the man himself will come out with his hands up. Ask him about Shaun, and he will drop vague, cryptic hints about Shaun and his age. Don’t break out the tea and biscuits, however.

Your conversation with Kellogg doesn’t last long, and eventually, he will tell you there’s only one way this can end. He will ask you if you are ready. It’s time to end this. 

Kellogg is a pretty tough fight. He has several Synths backing him up (One of which may be a legendary Synth), and he has a pretty good gun. He uses Stealth Boys, grenades, and stimpaks as well. If you have a crit stored up, now is the time to use it. 

Take Kellogg down and loot his corpse for his unique gun and outfit. Also, grab some cybernetics off him and his terminal password. It turns out Kellogg was a cyborg, which explains why he was so tough. 

Fort Hagen Converted To JPEG

Loot the room for some goodies, including a RobCo Fun, then access Kellogg’s terminal for more information on where to go next. Your computer search, unfortunately, ends up short.

If Nick Valentine is with you, he’ll tell you that the two of you should head to Diamond City to see Piper. No one investigates The Institute more than Diamond City’s resident reporter. If anyone else is with you, you’ll have to go to Nick’s detective agency to fill him in. 

Use Kellog’s terminal to unlock all the security gates in the room and get back to the corridor with the inaccessible security gate at the end. It will now be opened and leads to an elevator. Use it to take a ride back up to Fort Hagen’s roof.

Fort Hagen Arrival of The Brotherhood

Once you get outside, look up. The Brotherhood of Steel’s massive airship, The Prydwen, has made its grand entrance into the Commonwealth. Completing this quest spawns Brotherhood of Steel squads and Vertibirds all over the Commonwealth. It also fully opens up the Brotherhood of Steel questline.

If you have been helping Paladin Danse, you will get a new distress call, telling all active Brotherhood of Steel members to return to Cambridge Police Station for new deployment orders. 

And that’s it! Act 1 of Fallout 4’s main quest is complete. 


Question: Can I Go to Fort Hagen Straight Away from Vault 111?

Answer: No. You have to rescue Nick from Vault 114. The elevator to the Command Center is boarded up if you try to go to Fort Hagen sooner. 

Question: Can I Apply the Ballistic Weave Mod to Kellog’s Outfit?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. That mod is really inconsistent on what you can use it on. You can’t wear it underneath modular armor pieces either, so it’s a poor defensive outfit.

Question: What Level Should I Be at Before Coming to Fort Hagen?

Answer: It doesn’t matter that much, to be honest. There’s a Fatman here. Pick it up and shoot a nuke at Kellogg’s face. He’s tough, but not that tough. I prefer coming here at a higher level for a chance at better loot from the Synths (Specifically a chance at heavy synth armor), but that’s just me.


That’s one Act down. Two more to go! Completing this quest opens up a lot of content. You get to meet the Brotherhood of Steel and begin their questline. Curie’s companion quest opens up after this as well. And we can’t forget Nick Valentine’s detective agency missions. 

There’s still so much to do in the world of Fallout 4. Triumphantly leave Fort Hagen with your spoils and get back out there!

P.S. Yes, that’s an Explosive Minigun Nick is using.

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