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Fallout New Vegas Caesar’s Legion Quest Guide

The Caesar’s Legion questline revolves around the completion of the Render Unto Caesar questline, however, many subquests branch out from this throughline, forcing the player to jump back and forth from this quest to others.

As mentioned previously, the Legion questline is one of the four possible methods through which the player can complete Fallout New Vegas. Not only does this storyline give the player the opportunity to see the conflict within the Mojave from a different perspective, but it might also allow those of us, me included, the opportunity to hit back at the NCR for their horrible attitude displayed throughout their campaign. An attitude, which I will admit, almost forced me to pick the Legion on my next playthrough, if for no other reason than spite.

So, with all that being said, let’s jump right into the Caesar’s Legion quest guide and get you some help in taking over the Mojave with your new Legate friends!

Render Unto Caesar

This quest borrows its name from Matthew 22:21, which states, “render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.” this quest, therefore, deals with the entirety of Fallout New Vegas’ Legion questline and must be broken down into sections.

Part 1

This quest is usually given to the player upon leaving the Tops casino if they have already chosen to kill Benny. Leaving this casino, the player will be presented with ‘The Mark of Caesar,’ formally absolving the player from any sins committed against the Legion up until this point and granting the lone wanderer access into Cottonwood Cove, the main Legion settlement in the game.

After taking a raft from Cottonwood Cove, the player will be greeted by a legionary asking you to turn over all of your weapons when you arrive at Caesar’s camp. However, if the player has a Speech skill of 35, they can ask what items they are allowed to keep. This will then allow the player to keep aid/chem items, saying that they suffer from a heart problem.

The player will then be allowed to enter Caesar’s tent, giving the player their first face-to-face with the tyrant. Caesar will tell the player that he has heard of their exploits and wishes them to work for him during the conversation. He reports to you that there is a secret bunker underneath the camp.

This bunker has the markings of the Lucky 38 on the entrance door and is therefore linked with Mr. House. If the player already has the Platinum Chip, they will be instructed to head down to the bunker and use said chip as a key. After using the chip, the player will gain access to the bunker, only to see a large monitor of Mr. Houses face waiting for them, similar to that seen on the top floor of the Lucky 38 casino. Mr. House will then ask the player to use the chip in order to upgrade the securitrons inside the vault, aiding him in his plot to take over New Vegas. However, as this is a guide concerning the Legion, we will, of course, not be doing that.


The lone wanderer will then have to progress through the hidden bunker, taking on Mr. House’s defenses along the way, including a rather hardy sentry bot. After defeating all of these necessary enemies, the player will have to enter the next room and destroy all three generators.

This will start a chain reaction resulting in a massive explosion, destroying all of the sentry bots locked within and thus ruining Mr. House’s plans as well as any potential to complete the game via the Yes Man route. The player will then have to rush out of the bunker until they reach the blast-proof doors above ground.

Here, the player will once again be stripped of all weapons before being allowed to return to Caesar. Once the lone wanderer does manage to make their way back to the Legion’s commander, they will report their mission successfully and be given the next part in their quest.

In Brief:

  1. If the player has not already killed Benny, Caesar will allow the player to decide his fate. However, the Legion will turn on the player if the player free Benny.
  2. Suppose the player decides to upgrade the securitrons in the bunker instead of destroying them. In that case, the rumble from said upgrade will still make Caesar believe they have been destroyed, thus allowing the player to leave the camp peacefully.
  3. If Mr. House is already dead before entering the bunker, the screen will either be blank or have Yes Man there without the ability to speak to the player.

Part 2

The next part of the Legion campaign involves the dispatching of Mr. Anthony House, the richest and most heavily defended man in all of New Vegas. If the player has not already made their way inside the Lucky 38, the doors will open to you on approach. Entering the building, the player will be greeted by an eerie ground floor populated only by empty slot machines and securitrons. T

he player will then be granted access to the elevator directly in front of the Lucky 38’s front door, and this will take the player all the way to Mr. House’s suite. Once inside, the player can talk to Mr. House, but nothing will be gained from this dialogue. Instead, the player must head over to the wall directly left of Mr. House’s monitor and find the terminal. This terminal will allow the opening of a secret door directly to the terminal’s right, which may make the securitrons in the room hostile and start a major combat session.

However, if you’re like me and always found this section a bit intimidating, the player can either head into the next room, find the secret terminal by the elevator, and action the “security override” program, leaving the securitrons non-hostile. Alternatively, the player can just run straight into the elevator down to Mr. House’s actual location.

By exiting the elevator, the lone wanderer will see a medical pod, within which the withered body of Mr. House can be seen. Apparently, this machine is the only thing keeping the old man alive, well beyond his natural life span. To complete the quest to Caesar’s satisfaction, the player need not kill Mr. House, and instead, they can simply use the terminal nearby to disconnect him from the mainframe. However, killing him will give the same results and is a lot more fun if you ask me. Either way, this will complete the quest for the lone wanderer, progressing the player and us onto part 3.

In Brief:

  1. Once Mr. House is killed or disconnected, his securitrons will no longer attack you when you exit the lift in his house.
  2. If Mr. House has already been killed and replaced with Yes Man, this section of the quest is skipped.
  3. Completing this quest will give the player fame within the Legion and 600xp total.

Part 3

Part 3 of this questline involves recruiting or neutralizing 3 different organizations, the Boomers, White Glove Society, and Brotherhood of Steel. All of these factions can either be recruited for the Legion or destroyed to either strengthen the Legion’s cause at the battle of Hoover Dam part 2 or deprive the NCR of recruiting said allies.

The methods through which each faction can be destroyed are fairly self-evident; go in, kill everyone, leave, preferably in that order. However, the task gets a bit trickier should the lone wanderer want to recruit these factions onto the Legion’s side. You actually have to get them to like you, I know, horrible, isn’t it? We didn’t join the Legion, the group of murderers to be liked, did we? No, but sadly you may have no choice should you not want to shoot poor old Mother Pearl in the face.

The Boomers

To get the Boomers on the side of the Legion, one has to complete a quest called Volare! To begin this quest, the player must first make it through a literal no man’s land whilst the residents of Nelis Air Force Base, the Boomers, rain rockets down on you from the inside of their base.

The player who is unable to stop these rockets must then use either cunning and wit to get past said rockets or run and hope for the best. No matter how the player makes their way to the air force base fence, the player must find the central gate and talk to the relevant Boomer, missile launcher in hand. At this point, after being given an audience with Mother Pearl, the player can either complete the ‘Volare!’ quest or kill the Boomer leaders, Pearl, Loyal, and Jack.

However, if the player decides to get the Boomers on side, Volare! is quite the undertaking. To complete this, the player must help several members of the Boomers community up until the player becomes idolized by the Boomer. The player can do this by completing several quests, including helping Jack find a girlfriend, helping Argyll with his patients, and many more.

After achieving this status, Mother Pearl will task the player with helping Loyal raise a downed B-29 plane from the bottom of Lake Mead. This quest will involve attaching explosives to the plane’s center points, allowing it to float to the top. Completing this quest will then finish the ‘Volare!’ questline and allow the lone wanderer to report the Boomer’s alliance with the Legion at the second battle for Hoover Dam.

In Brief:

  1. Quests that grant the player a positive Boomer reputation include Young Hearts, Missing a Few Missiles, and Sunshine Boogie.
  2. Once the player has made it through the missile barrage from the Boomers, unique dialogue options will be unlocked wherein the Boomers ask just how you got through.
  3. Volare means to fly in Italian.

White-Glove Society

In order to destroy the White Glove Society, the player will need to kill the leaders Marjorie and Mortimer. Alternatively, the player can take on and complete the side quest Beyond the Beef. This quest will start by entering the Ultra Lux casino and walking up to an older-looking man with a cowboy hat sitting at the bar. Heck Gunderson will tell the player how his son, the heir to his wealthy brahmin empire, has gone missing somewhere around the casino, perhaps even inside.

The player must then go to speak to one of the managers at the Ultra Lux, Marjorie. She will tell you that along with Ted Gunderson, a bride has also recently gone missing, and the two scandals occurring at once have suitably damaged their reputation. She will then divulge to the player her worries about the White Glove Society, which operates within the Ultra Lux as they reportedly have cannibal origins. Marjorie will then tell the player about Mortimer, the other manager at the casino. Apparently, he is the one to ask about the missing Gunderson boy.

Once the player finds Mortimer and begins questioning him about the missing Brahmin barens son, Mortimer will most likely feign ignorance and try to move the player along. However, should you either have a Speech skill of 62 or the cannibal perk, the player can tell Mortimer that you are a cannibal as well.

This will suitably delight the creepy manager and provoke him to tell the player about his plan to kill and eat Ted Gunderson. The player can then either let this go ahead or offer to swap out the Gunderson boy with a follower or Carlyle St. Clair the 3rd.

Another route to earning the White Gloves Societies’ favor is to kill ted yourself and frame his father for the horrible murder. Completing either of these options will bring Mortimer and, therefore, the White Glove Society on side and thus allow them to ally with you and the Legion at the second battle for Hoover Dam.

In Brief:

  1. This quest can be completed in many ways. However, only two options are covered,, which will bring the society onto your side for the final battle.
  2. The Legion can only ally with the society should the cannibal managers still be alive at the beginning of Render Under Caesar.
  3. The Legion’s alliance with the society is the fuel needed for the NCR to suspect the Legion are all cannibals.

Brotherhood of Steel

In a slightly different turn of events, the player is not given the option to turn the Brotherhood over to their side during the Fallout New Vegas main questline. Therefore the player must find some way to destroy them. To do things the simple way, just head on over to the Hidden Valley Bunker.

If the player has not yet interacted with the Brotherhood of Steel, a slight wrinkle in your plans may crop up. In a move straight out of the Legion’s playbook, the Elder will capture the lone wanderer and fit to the player an explosive collar, rigged to explode should the player deviate from the Elder’s commands. This section will need to be completed before any plans to destroy the Brotherhood can be actioned, although it does help to alleviate any guilt you may have had about your orders prior to the whole ordeal.

The first task in the Still in The Dark questline will be to remove a locally stationed NCR ranger named Dobson. To do this, the player will need to speak to the ranger and pass a speech check of 50. Alternatively, the player can wait for Dobson to leave his station and smash his precious radio or jury rig it to explode when he returns. Lastly, the player can just simply kill the ranger.

The second task the player must complete to earn their freedom is to locate a number of missing Brotherhood patrols in the regions surrounding their bunker. The player can either find and bring back the living paladins Raseleanne, Hughes, and Fairbanks or simply return their mission holotapes should they not have made it. Once both of these quests are completed, the Elder will remove the bomb collar from the player character and continue giving you missions as if nothing has ever happened and you definitely were not held as a captive.

At this point, the player can use the terminal found in the Elder’s main chamber to set the base to explode. The terminal either requires the player to have a science level of 100 or ownership of three keycards. These belong to Edgar Hardin, Lars Taggart, and the Elder himself, Nolan McNamara.

Whether the player pickpockets these keycards or kills the commanding members of the New Vegas Brotherhood chapter is entirely up to you. After the base has been dealt with, the player needs only return to Caesar to complete the quest and move on in the main storyline.

In Brief:

  1. The Brotherhood of Steel bunker is more easily accessible should the player have Veronica as a follower; she will also make it so the player can avoid the whole bomb collar incident.
  2. The Brotherhood of Steel is the only major faction in the game that cannot be persuaded to join the Legion.
  3. Edgar Hardin can replace elder McNamara during the Still in The Dark questline, but this does not change Caesar’s orders to eliminate the faction.

Part 4

Once the player has returned from eliminating the possible Brotherhood opposition in the Mojave wasteland, they will find the tyrant leader, Caesar, looking a little bit sickly. This is when the player will be first told of Caesar’s illness, beginning the quest Et Tumor, Brute?

In private, the player will be informed of the leader’s illness and be tasked with finding a cure. At this stage, the player will be presented with several skill checks. Should the player pass both a 50 and 75 medicine check or a 60 and 65 speech check, the player will be allowed to conduct the surgery themselves with or without the help of the waiting auto-doc unit,. Alternatively, should the player fail these checks, they will be tasked with finding someone who can help.

Suppose the player is able to pass these skill checks. In that case, they will either need to find the diagnostic scanning module for the auto-doc located in Vault 34 or buy a set of surgical tools and doctors bag from Dr. Usanagi at the New Vegas Medical Clinic for 999 caps.

If the player has failed these dialogue checks, then they must find Arcade Gannon at the Followers camp in Freeside and somehow gain his help. However, if the player already has Arcade as a follower, you can immediately give Arcade over to Caesar as a slave doctor. However, this will, understandably, lose Arcade as a possible follower in the future.

No matter what the lone wanderer does, the operation can still fail, resulting in Caesar’s death. However, these chances are fairly slim should the player’s medicine score and luck rating be high enough. Should the leader survive, the player will move on to the next quest.

However, if he dies and the player does not have a high enough speech skill to convince Lucius it was not their fault (50 points), the player will be turned on immediately by the Legion. However, if they pass this check or have a high enough reputation within the Legion, they will be allowed to continue onto the next quest.

In Brief:

  1. The player must heal the sickly Caesar using either the Auto-Doc, Arcade Gannon, or a bag of surgical tools.
  2. If Caesar dies, the player either needs a speech or medical skill of 50 or a Liked and higher reputation within the Legion to avoid being turned on.
  3. Should the player fail the speech checks with Caesar, the New Vegas Medical Clinic will not spawn the surgical tools.
  4. If the player opts to perform the surgery with a medicine skill lower than 25, Caesar’s head will comically explode.

Part 5

After the player has either saved or effectively killed Caesar but somehow remained in the Legion’s good graces, they will be instructed to report to Lucius or Caesar himself (Result depending) for their next quest. In these conversations, the player is tasked with the assassination of the NCR President, Kimball, in a quest called Arizona Killer.

This quest involves the player meeting with Cato Hostilius, a Legion spy located just northwest of the Ranger Station Delta. This spy will help the player by providing not only a plan for the president’s assassination, suggesting that you plant a bomb on his Vertibird but also a complete NCR uniform. These bombs, however, will only be given to the player if a dialogue check of 50 or more points in explosives is passed.

At this point in the main questline, the player will have failed the Don’t ‘Tread on the Bear!’ quest and, therefore, will make any member of the NCR hostile should they manage to see through the player’s disguise. A feat high-ranking members within the NCR, especially Rangers, will be capable of.

This, combined with the heavy-armed forces massed at the Dam in preparation for the president’s arrival, will make gaining access to the Vertibird very difficult. However once everything is set and ready, the player needs to find Cato again within the crowd awaiting the president to inform him that you are ready. After this, the president’s Vertibird will land atop the base’s helipad, and the mission will begin in earnest.

The lone wanderer can, of course, utilize any of the normal combat methods to kill the president. However, this may prove quite difficult considering the sheer amount of NCR troopers, Rangers, and Power Armored Heavy Troopers at the location. But far be it from me to tell you how to play your game. After all, I’m not Todd Howard.

In Brief:

  1. If Colonel Moore has been killed before the starting of this quest, it will fail immediately.
  2. Should the player fail to kill the president, the courier must report their failure back to Caesar or Lucius.
  3. Whether Kimball is killed or not, the game and the Legion questline will still progress.
  4. If the player is seen to equip any weapon during the president’s stay at Hoover Dam, the entire mass of troops will turn on the courier.

Part 6 – The Finale

Yes, we have made it, the final quest in the Legion’s storyline, and what a hard path it has been. Whatever choices the player has made up until now have resulted in the lone wanderer either standing beside Caesar or Lucius when the final order is given to march on Hoover Dam for the second time. This quest, entitled Veni, Vidi, Vici, can be translated to I came, I saw, I conquered in English.

To begin this quest, the player must report to Legate Lanius after being reported to his camp. After a brief conversation with the Legate, the player will be instructed to follow a mass of Legion soldiers preparing to march on the Dam. Further down the path, as the player fights their way through waves of NCR and other soldiers, with the help or lack of from other factions, depending on your choices throughout the game, the player must make it to the Visitor Center.

Upon entering the center, the player will find General Oliver there, ready for some peace negotiations. If the player has a speech level of 100, they can convince the General to retreat and leave the Dam in the hands of the Legion. Anything else other than this speech check will subsequently result in a fight to the death.

Once all of the offending members of the NCR are dead, General Oliver especially, the player, will be instructed to leave the visitor center once again, outside which you will talk to Legate Lanius. In this conversation, the player will be congratulated for their efforts in winning the Dam for the Legion, promising a great reward for their help. This piece of dialogue thus ends the storyline of the main game and runs the end credits.

In Brief:

  1. Should the player have completed the relevant quests regarding the Great Khans, The Enclave Remnants, and other such factions, they will also appear to help the courier.
  2. After your dialogue with Oliver, he will retreat to the second floor and hide behind a mass of Veteran Troopers and booby-traps.
  3. The quest’s title, Veni, Vidi, Vici, comes from a letter written by Julius Caesar describing a recent victory to his senate.
  4. There is no way for the player to enter the Legate’s camp before this stage of the questline when the player is teleported there. The same can be said for some areas of Hoover Dam, which the player fights on.

So, there we have it, a comprehensive list of all the central Caesar’s Legion questlines one can expect to come up against in their journeys across the Mojave. If you ask me, I think that Legion is a rather unique way to play through the game, allowing the player to get right in the middle of some ethical quandaries and maybe giving the player a perhaps, more honest look at what post-apocalyptic societies would actually be like. But, that being said, if the Legion isn’t for you then maybe just limit the amount of needless gunfire throughout this campaign and your conscience should let you sleep at night!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can you join the Legion in Fallout New Vegas?

Answer: Yes, the player has the option to join the Legion after their first and possible final confrontation with Benny as part of the Ring a Ding Ding quest. Once finished with Benny and after leaving the Tops casino, the player will be stopped by a member of the Legion and will thus be invited to a meeting with Caesar.

Question: Is the Legion good or bad in Fallout New Vegas?

Answer: Whilst nobody can say that the Legion are the good guys in the grand scheme of things throughout the Mojave wasteland, the argument can be made that they are certainly the most honest. While the NCR may commit terrible acts in the service of democracy, at least the Legion are not lying to themselves or the player about why they want to take over the Mojave. In regard to the storyline of the Legion though, and the quality of the quests the player is given, I think it’s a pretty safe bet to say they are a good choice.

Question: Who is in charge of the Legion if Caesar dies?

Answer: Should Caesar die for whatever reason during your playthrough, whether it’s from a bullet to the head or a botched surgery in one of the later quests, Legate Lanius will take his place as leader of the Legion.

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