Fallout New Vegas Snow Globe Locations

Fallout New Vegas Snow Globe Locations Guide

After a war of superpowers resulted in global nuclear annihilation, you wouldn’t think collecting snow globes would be at the top of the survivor’s priority list. Yet, that’s what you’re about to do in Fallout New Vegas – whether for Mr. House or personal completionist desires. I’ll ensure you don’t spend too long looking for them with this Fallout New Vegas snow globe locations guide.

I’ll go over all 11 snow globes found in Fallout New Vegas. There are seven found in the vanilla game, with each additional DLC adding another one. Be warned – one of these snow globes is missable.

If you’re trying to get all the snow globes and finished Dead Money without getting the one in that DLC, you’re out of luck. Every other snow globe, though, can be obtained at your leisure.


  • Goodsprings Cemetary – Sitting on top of a grave in the Goodsprings Cemetary.
  • Old Mormon Fort – Inside a bookshelf in a corner tower of the Old Mormon Fort in Freeside.
  • Test Site – In the Lucky 38 Cocktail Lounge behind a register.
  • The Strip – Located in Sarah Weintraub’s room in Vault 21.
  • Nelis AFB – Located in the Boomer Museum inside Nellis Airfield.
  • Hoover Dam – Located on the reception desk of the Hoover Dam Visitor Center.
  • Mt. Charleston – Located on the reception desk of Jacbostown Lodge.
  • Sierra Madre Casino – Located through a crack in the wall of Salida del Sol North.
  • Zion National Park – Found on a shelf behind the cash register in the Zion General Store.
  • Big Mt. – Found in a room on top of the catwalk in the X-17 Meteorological Station.
  • Lonesome Road – Located in a broken-down building at the Junction 7 Rest Stop.

Fallout New Vegas Snow Globe Locations Guide – Vanilla Snow Globes

Goodsprings Cemetary

fallout new vegas goodsprings cemetary location
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You’ll be able to obtain your first snow globe immediately upon starting the game. When you wake up in Doc Mitchell’s home, head outside and look towards the North-East end of Goodsprings. You should be able to see a big hill with a water tower. That’s the cemetery where Benny shot you in the opening cinematic.

Head up the hill and into the cemetery. Your grave will be freshly dug-up. Benny’s cigarette butts will be on the ground next to it, which will help you later on in the main quest line.

To the left of your grave, you should see a second grave with a pile of stones on top of it. The Goodsprings Cemetery snow globe should be sitting just on top of those stones.

Old Mormon Fort

fallout new vegas old mormon fort location
Image via Wasteland Gamers

The next snow globe you’ll encounter in Fallout New Vegas is the Old Mormon Fort one. You’ll gain access to this snow globe as soon as you reach Freeside. If you’ve followed the main quest from Goodsprings, that makes it the second snow globe on your travels. The snow globe is located inside the Old Mormon Fort, as its name implies.

Even if you’ve never been there, it’s impossible to miss the Fort. You’re looking for a massive castle-like structure sitting smack-bang in the center of Freeside, around the corner from Mick and Ralph’s.

Travel to Freeside, into the Fort, and immediately take a hard right. There will be a tower in front of you. Enter it, go upstairs, and take the snow globe from the bookshelves against the well.

Test Site

fallout new vegas test site location
Image via Microsoft

The Test Site snow globe is inside the Lucky 38 Casino. Specifically, it’s inside the Cocktail Lounge. So, you’ll have to progress the main story far enough to speak with Mr. House to get your hands on it.

After reaching the strip and speaking with Mr. House for the first time, you’ll be able to access the Lucky 38 Presidential Suite and the Cocktail Lounge. Speak with Victor outside the Lucky 38 elevator, and he’ll give you the option to travel to both.

Take the elevator to the Cocktail Lounge. The Lounge has a central bar that goes around the room in a circle, with several cash registers running along it – the Test Site snow globe is behind the middle register. Check behind all of them and you’ll find it.

The Strip

fallout new vegas the strip location
Image via Wasteland Gamers

The Strip snow globe is the last of the bunch in the Vegas area. This time, you’ll be heading to the very back of the Strip and into the Vault 21 Casino and Hotel. Once there, you’ll be greeted by Sarah Weintraub.

The snow globe is tucked away in Sarah’s room behind an average-lock door. You’ll either need to be able to pick that lock or pickpocket the door’s passcode from Sarah herself.

Vault 21 is a bit of a maze, so bear with me. First, you need to reach the Blackjack tables. Head down into the Vault and go down as many stairs as possible until you see the tables.

Once you enter the Blackjack room, take a left and head into the corridor leading out of the room. Sarah’s room is the second door on the left inside that corridor. The snow globe is sitting here on her nightstand.

The only thing that might throw you off here is the fact that there’s a left turn in the corridor. You’re NOT taking the left turn. Go past it, and Sarah’s room will be on your left. 

Nellis AFB

fallout new vegas nellis afb location
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The Nellis AFB snow globe is located at Nellis Airfield. It’s in the Nellis Boomer Museum, sitting on a desk at the front of the room.

You’ll end up at Nellis Airfield at some point during your playthrough – you have to go there for all four main faction’s questlines. If you’re struggling to find it, leave Vegas going northeast. Follow the main path, and you’ll end up at the Airfield’s entrance.

Getting into the Airfield is a different story – there will be a short distance between you and the airfield’s actual gates, with some ruined houses dotted around the landscape. As soon as you start approaching Nellis, the Boomers will let loose with their artillery cannons – explaining the condition of the houses.

You can use the houses as cover, moving in between rocket strikes. Alternatively, you can hug the rockface running around the left-hand side of the area and follow it right up to the gate – either approach works.

Once you’ve met the Boomers at the gate and been allowed inside Nellis, you’ll be asked to help around the base. One way you can help out is to listen to Pete tell you the history of the Boomers inside the Boomer Museum. You don’t need to do this to get the snow globe, but you might as well while you’re there.

Find the Museum in the main airfield area, and you’ll see the snow globe on the table at the front.

Hoover Dam

fallout new vegas hoover dam location
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You’ll hear Hoover Dam’s name a lot throughout your Fallout New Vegas playthrough. Despite that, it’s a location you typically don’t visit yourself until later on in the game.

If you haven’t been told to go to the Dam yet, the easiest way to travel there is to go south from Vegas, following the southeast road down. This route is available as soon as you reach the wider Vegas area and is by far the safest path.

When you arrive at the Dam, head inside the main door and into the Visitor Center. The Hoover Dam snow globe will be on the reception desk next to a terminal.

Mt. Charleston

fallout new vegas mt. charleston location
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Mt. Charleston is the most awkward snow globe to acquire on this Fallout New Vegas snow globe location guide by a fair margin. It’s the only snow globe location that isn’t connected to the game’s main questline, so it’s the only one you have to go out of your way to find. This tends to result in a lot of players missing it. I did on my first run.

Mt. Charleston is located in Jacobstown – a settlement at the far west end of the map. When you open your Pip-Boy and take a look at the map, you should see a single main road running out of Vegas and into what looks like a crater.

That crater is a mountain, and it’s where you’ll find Jacobstown. The best, and likely only way to reach the town is by following this road. Attempting to approach from any other direction will mean dealing with Cazadores – so take that warning and do what you will with it.

There aren’t too many enemies to be worried about along the route once you get out of Vegas. So, even low-level players should be able to make the trip with ease.

You’ll be greeted by Marcus at the Jacobstown gates. He’s a friendly Super Mutant that’s been around the Fallout franchise for a little while now. Finish your conversation with him and head into the big lodge in the center of town.

Inside, you’ll find the snow globe on the reception desk next to a terminal.

Fallout New Vegas Snow Globe Locations Guide – DLC Snow Globes

Sierra Madre Casino

fallout new vegas sierra madre casino location
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Starting from the fountain, head east towards Salida del Sol. Follow the path until you reach the door to Salida del Sol South, and go through. You’re looking for Salida del Sol House.

Upon entering Salida del Sol South, take a right and follow the path until you reach a staircase. Take a right at the staircase, and then the next left into the toxic cloud. Your collar will start beeping at this point, but that’s nothing to worry about.

Sprint through the cloud, taking the path to the left. This will lead you to another staircase. Climb it and enter the door to Salida del Sol House.

fallout new vegas snow glove locations - dead money
Image via Wasteland Gamers

Take the staircase inside the Salida del Sol House down and back into the streets. Follow the path around to your right until you come across yet another staircase. Climb this one too, and jump across the arch connecting the stairs to the row of houses on the other side.

Follow the roofing back the way you came until you reach another arch, then cross over again. Continue back towards the entrance and you’ll end up next to a hole in the wall. The snow globe is inside the hole on a crate in the corner.

You’ll want to make sure you grab this snow globe before you finish Dead Money. It’s the only missable snow globe in the entire game – once you leave the DLC, you can’t go back.

Interestingly, this snow globe is the only one in the game not to award you with caps. Instead, you’ll get 2000 Sierra Madre Chips upon picking it up. You can cash these Chips at the Sierra Madre Casino for 2000 Pre-War Money. This Pre-War money can then be sold for around 20,000 caps with 100 Barter, making the Sierra Madre Casino snow globe the most valuable one in the game by a country mile.

Zion National Park

fallout new vegas zion national park location
Image via Microsoft

The Zion National Park snow globe is located in the Zion General Store. You’ll be sent here by Joshua during Honest Heart’s main questline, making it the easiest DLC snow globe to collect.

The General Store is located on the west side of Zion, just northwest of the North Fork Bridge. You’ll find the snow globe inside, on a cabinet just behind the counter and cash register. It’s easy to find, so you shouldn’t have any issues with this one.

Big Mt.

fallout new vegas big mt. location
Image via Microsoft

The Big Mt. snow globe isn’t quite as easy to find as the one in Zion, but it’s pretty damn close. It’s located in the X-17 Meteorological Station, which isn’t one of the main areas in Old World Blues, but it’s still easy to find.

You’ll find the Station north and a little west of The Sink. It’s southwest of the Y-0 Research Center, and Northeast of Little Yangtze. Explore that general area and you’re sure to find it. It’s nestled in between two cliffs, with pipes running across its entrance, and pink crystals growing out of the rockface.

The inside of the station is very barebones. You’ll walk straight into an open main room with a catwalk running along its center. There’ll be a few Mr. Gutsy bots in here, including a unique one called Ironbelly. Dispatch them, and head up the catwalk staircase at the back of the room.

Follow the catwalk past the miniature replica of Higgs Village and into the little shack. The snow globe is located on a console inside the shack/observation post.

Lonesome Road

fallout new vegas lonesome road location
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You’ll find the Lonesome Road snow globe in the Junction 7 Rest Stop, at the end of the High Road.

Throughout your time in the Divide, you’ll end up taking the High Road for the main quest. This road serves as a way to travel from Hopeville to Ashton, and it leads to the Ashton Silo Control Station.

When you reach the end of the High Road, go downhill to the west (take a right when the road splits). This will lead you to a destroyed building. The snow globe is on a bookshelf in that building on the second floor.

Despite being found fairly early on in Lonesome Road, this snow globe is not easy to get. You’ll be dealing with Marked Men and Deathclaws the entire journey, so make sure you’re prepared to deal with them.

Unlike the other snow globes in Fallout New Vegas, this one looks like it’s been through a nuclear war. All the others are in remarkable condition, while this one is cracked and broken – fitting given the themes of the DLC.

How to Turn in Your Snow Globes in Fallout New Vegas

So, you’ve gone through the trouble of scouring the Mojave for all the snow globes – what now? You’ll be glad to know that each one of them is worth 2000 caps. That’s 14,000 caps in total for the vanilla snow globes, which isn’t a bad chunk of change for what amounted to a glorified fetch quest.

That number is bumped to 20,000 if you get all the DLC snow globes. If you trade the Chips from the Sierra Madre snow globe for Pre-War Money, you can even get upwards of 40,000.

You’ll have to turn in your vanilla snow globes with Jane at the Lucky 38 to earn a payday. Jane’s the female Securitron that’s standing just outside of the elevator in Mr. House’s Penthouse.

She’ll give you 2000 caps per snow globe you bring her – removing them from your inventory and sending them to the snow globe stand in your Presidential Suite.

There are a few caveats to this. First, if you kill Mr. House and Jane, any snow globes still in your inventory will be unable to be sold. Depending on your version of the game, you may be able to interact with the snow globe shelf to add them to it yourself, but you won’t get the caps for it. Any snow globes you pick up after killing House will be sent there automatically.

If you want to be on the safe side, collect and hand in all the snow globes before killing House – if that’s your plan. This guarantees your payday and that nothing will go wrong.

DLC snow globes immediately transfer from your inventory once you pick them up, and you’re also paid immediately – so they’re exempt from all these rules.


Question: Are there any Bobbleheads in Fallout New Vegas?

Answer: Unlike Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas does not feature any collectible bobbleheads. Instead, they have been replaced with collectible snow globes. These snow globes don’t offer stat bonuses like bobbleheads, but each of them is worth 2,000 caps.

Question: How many Snow Globes are there in Fallout New Vegas?

Answer: There are seven snow globes in vanilla Fallout New Vegas. Each DLC adds one more snow globe to collect for a total of 11 altogether with all of the game’s DLC (Not including Gun Runner’s Arsenal and Courier’s Stash).

Question: Can You Sell Snow Globes after Killing Mr. House in Fallout New Vegas?

Answer: Unfortunately, you cannot sell snow globes in Fallout New Vegas after killing Mr. House. There are still ways to get your snow globes out of your inventory and onto your shelf in the Lucky 38, but you won’t receive any caps for them.


That’s it for this Fallout New Vegas Snow Globe locations guide. It’s admittedly a lot of traveling, but most of them are located along New Vegas’ various main questlines. The only one you need to go out of your way to get is Mt. Charleston. The DLC ones can be a pain, but they don’t take too long to get once you know where you’re going.

If you keep the idea of collecting them in the back of your mind as you’re playing, you’ll stumble across most of them sooner or later. If you’re determined, though, you could probably get the lot of them in 30 minutes or so, provided you can fast-travel near each one’s location.

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