For the Republic Part 2 Guide

For the Republic Part 2 Guide


Despite the depth and detail of Fallout New Vegas’ questlines, each of the four main ones follows the same formula. The Courier is sent to parlay with the game’s side factions in an attempt to either recruit them or destroy them, prior to the Battle of Hoover Dam. In the case of the New California Republic, this takes place in the For the Republic Part 2.

This quest has you dealing with a lot of the groups that pose a threat to the NCR, meaning it interlinks with a whole bunch of sidequests. So, it can serve as a “point of no return” for a lot of Fallout New Vegas content. Bear that in mind before you start trucking through it without a care in the world.

This For the Republic Part 2 guide will walk you through each of the quests’ steps individually, helping you to resolve each faction in whatever way you see fit. The only thing I don’t cover is how to join the Brotherhood so that you can broker a peace treaty between them and the NCR. That’s a process that deserves its own guide.

I’ve been pretty comprehensive with everything else, though, so this guide should serve as your one-stop should for everything For the Republic Part 2.

Quest Details Up Front

  • Quest Location: Hoover Dam/Gommorah/Hidden Valley/Red Rock Canyon.
  • Quest Giver: Colonel Moore.
  • Requirements: Completion of King’s Gambit and Things That Go Boom
  • Length of Quest: Exceptionally long. It will take several hours to complete.
  • Difficulty: Very hard.

Quest Synopsis/Description

Having resolved the issues plaguing the NCR in Freeside, the Courier is summoned to Hoover Dam by Colonel Moore. She requires the Courier’s help in tying up some loose ends in the wider Mojave in preparation for the second Battle for Hoover Dam.

Brief Walkthrough

Speak with Moore in Hoover Dam

Speak with Moore in Hoover Dam

After you finish Kings’ Gambit and Things That Go Boom, You’ll need to head over to Hoover Dam to speak with Colonel Moore. She’s going to be who you’re reporting to for, more or less, the rest of the NCR main questline.

For the entirety of For the Republic Part 2, you’re going to be dealing with the various minor factions littered around the Mojave. If you’ve already met and dealt with any of them, then you won’t have to do so again.

Deal with the Khans

First up on the plate is the Great Khans. Moore will send you to them straight away, so make your way over to Red Rock Canyon.

You have two options, either kill all of them or complete Oh My Papa to resolve the situation peacefully. If you’ve already made an enemy of the Khans, you won’t have a choice.

Either way, resolve the Khan problem and return to Moore for your next assignment.

Deal with the Omertas

The Omerta situation in New Vegas is complicated. There are a few different optional side quests that all tie into it, a lot of which can unknowingly lock you out of certain in-game options.

To keep things simple, approach this part of For the Republic Part 2 through the How Little We Know side quest. This is the main Omerta quest and will let you avoid any unnecessary micromanaging.

Run through that quest, then return to Moore in Hoover Dam.

Deal with Mr. House

Deal with Mr. House

If you haven’t killed Mr. House, now’s the time to do so.

Moore will send you to assassinate New Vegas’ enigmatic leader, so this will obviously lock you out of doing the House Always Wins main questline.

You’ll need to get into House’s chamber. To do that, you need either 75 Science, a Lucky 38 VIP Card, or the Platinum Chip. You should already have the chip by now, so accessing the elevator in the penthouse shouldn’t be a problem.

Either kill the old man, or leave him exposed to the elements destined to die a slow and agonizing death. It doesn’t matter either way. Once that’s done, head back to Moore at the Dam.

Deal with the Brotherhood

The number of people that don’t know you can broker a truce between the Brotherhood and the NCR in For the Republic Part 2 is surprising. If you’ve kept McNamara as Elder, and finished the Brotherhood questline, you can propose the idea of a truce to him. He’ll accept, and the Brotherhood will fight with the NCR at the Battle of Hoover Dam.

If Hardin is the current elder, or you don’t want to keep the Brotherhood alive, you’ll have two options. First, you can manually kill every single member of the Brotherhood. Needless to say, this is not an easy task.

Alternatively, you can, and should, access the bunker’s self-destruction sequence. To do that, you’ll need to pickpocket a key card from the Elder, Head Paladin, and Head Scribe. You can use these cards to access a terminal in the back of the bunker to trigger the sequence. Leave the bunker to complete this part of For the Republic Part 2.

Complete You’ll Know it When it Happens

That concludes all of the random factions that you’ll be dealing with. The last part of the quest is to complete You’ll Know it When it Happens, in which you need to try and stop the assassination of President Kimball at Hoover Dam.

Complete that quest, return to Moore, and you’ll be in the final stretches of the main story.

Extended Walkthrough

Speak with Colonel Moore

Speak with Colonel Moore

For the Republic Part 2 takes up the majority of your time in the NCR main questline. You’re going to be visiting and dealing with the wasteland’s various factions, except for the Kings and Boomers, which you need to have already dealt with at this point.

Once you complete the quests involving the Kings and Boomers, you’ll be sent to report to Colonel Moore at Hoover Dam. If this is your first time visiting the Dam, make sure you grab the snowglobe that’s on the desk in the front reception. Also, make sure you have the Platinum Chip in your possession as you’ll need it, or a Science skill of 75, to make a part of For the Republic Part 2 easier.

Once you speak with Moore, she’s going to send you to destroy the Great Khans. You can accept this task, or you can reject it and tell her you’ll look for a diplomatic solution. Either response will send you to Red Rock Canyon.

The Great Khans

There’s a good chance that you’ll already be locked out of the diplomatic option for the Great Khans. If you’ve been made vilified by them, specifically if you attacked them in Boulder City.

Technically, you can get around the reputation lock by wearing some Great Khan armor and avoiding the Khan patrols, but you’re going to have to be very careful if you decide to go that route.

Also, if you’ve already Oh My Papa, and you convinced the Khans to leave the Mojave, you’ll be able to immediately skip this step by talking to Moore once she gives you the task.

Oh My Papa

If you don’t want to wipe the Khans out, you’ll need to complete Oh My Papa in order to determine the fate of the Khans in the Mojave. There are a few different ways to resolve the quest, so you’re in for a bit of a grind unless you have a high Speech skill, in which case the whole thing will take you five minutes.

Talk to The Leaders of the Khans

To start Oh My Papa, you’ll need to enter the Longhouse at the back of the Great Khan base. During the day, Papa Khan, Regis, and Karl should be seated at the table at the top of the house. Speak with Papa Khan and exhaust all of his dialogue options to start the quest.

During this conversation, you’ll discover that Papa Khan has an allegiance with the Legion. At this point, you can continue to speak with Regis and Karl or take this confirmation as permission to wipe out the Khans.

If you decide to take the diplomatic route, speak with Regis and Karl and exhaust their dialogue options. You might need to read Karl’s Journal from his room in the Longhouse to complete this step.

After that, take to Papa Khan again and formally request that he break off his alliance with Ceaser’s Legion on behalf of the NCR. Of course, he’ll refuse.

Once that’s done, exit the Longhouse, and Regis will approach you.

So, to sum all of that up:

  • Speak with Papa Khan.
  • Speak with Karl.
  • Speak with Regis.
  • Speak with Papa Khan again.
  • Exit the Longhouse and speak with Regis.

Option 1: Assassinate Papa Khan

Assassinate Papa Khan

During your conversation with Regis, he’ll express he doesn’t believe an alliance with the Legion is the best course of action for the Khans. He’ll then tell you that you can change Papa’s mind by gaining favor with four high-ranking Khan advisors.

Alternatively, he will also let you know that if he was leading the Khans, he would immediately break the alliance. So, these are your two options. If you want to replace Papa Khan, you’ll need to do the majority of the quest normally up until you ask Papa Khan for an alliance with the NCR. This is the only way to get an alliance between the two factions.

Follow the quest through the diplomatic route outlined down below. Once you convince Papa Khan to abandon the Legion, you can propose an alliance with the NCR. He will refuse.

At this point, you need to return to Moore at the Dam. You can either tell her that the Khans are dealt with, in which case their ending will be whichever resolution you picked for Oh My Papa. However, you can bring up the idea of an alliance. This is when she suggests assassinating Papa Khan.

Head back to the canyon and kill Papa Khan to complete this part of For the Republic Part 2. This will align the NCR with the Khans and is the only resolution to Oh My Papa that does so.

Keep in mind that you need to kill Papa undetected, otherwise the entire camp will turn against you and you’ll be forced to wipe them out.

Option 2: Diplomacy

You’ll need to complete this quest route regardless of whether or not you want to assassinate Papa Khan.

Papa Khan has four advisors that dictate the decisions he makes. You need to convince three of these four that aligning with the Legion is a bad idea. It doesn’t matter which three you decide to use.

  • Jack

There are two ways to earn Jack’s trust and support in breaking up the Khan/Legion alignment. First, you can pass a level 60 Speech check. Failing that, you will need to teach him all of the possible chem recipes as a part of the Aba Daba Honeymoon sidequest that you get from Diane. This requires a Science skill of 50, Survival skill of 75, and Barter of 50.

Either of these two options will ensure Jack backs your suggestion of no longer aligning with Ceaser’s Legion during the second Battle of Hoover Dam.

  • Diane

Jack and Diane are considered as one entity for the purpose of Oh My Papa. In other words, you only need to convince one of them to support you, along with Melissa and Regis.

To Earn Diane’s trust, you’ll need to complete the Aba Daba Honeymoon quest. This quest ties into a lot of other sidequests littered around New Vegas. So, it’s possible to lock yourself out of its completion without realizing, depending on the decisions you’ve made before accepting the quest.

If you’re still able to complete the quest, do so and you’ll have earned Diane’s trust and support.

  • Melissa

Earning Melissa’s trust is the easiest out of all the advisors. The hard part is actually reaching her.

Melissa isn’t actually in Red Rock Canyon. Instead, she’s in a marked location called the Great Khan Encampment. The encampment is deep into Quarry Junction, meaning you’ll have to fight or sneak past some Deathclaws to get there.

Once you arrive, simply inform Melissa that women are not allowed to serve in Ceaser’s Legion to earn her support.

  • Regis

Lastly, to obtain Regis’ public support of breaking the agreement with Ceaser’s Legion, you’ll need to bring him proof that the Legion enslave any tribes they ally with after they’re done with them.

There are two different methods to do this. First, you can steal Karl’s Journal from his room. Present this to Papa Khan and the Khans will kill Karl, and Regis will publicly support you.

Alternatively, there is a slave ledger inside Ceaser’s tent in the Fort. Needless to say, this can be a bit difficult to get. In my most recent NCR playthrough, I had to kill everyone in the Fort to get it. Although, you can use Legion armor, Stealth Boys, and Turbo to do so without any bloodshed.

If you get the ledger, bring it back to Regis for his support, although this won’t result in the Khan’s turning on Karl.

If you speak with Karl and pass three Speech checks maxing out at level 75, you’ll be able to make him reveal his true feelings about the Khans. Doing so in Papa Khan’s presence will turn them hostile to Karl.

Speak with Papa Khan

Once you’re done with the advisors, you’ll need to return to Papa Khan. Speaking with him gives you two options.

First, you can pass one of two-level 75 Speech checks. These determine the Khan’s ending, with one of them seeing the group leave the Mojave and the other resulting in the Khan’s performing a suicide charge at the Legion during the Battle of Hoover Dam.

If you don’t have a high enough Speech skill, you’ll need to pick the third dialogue option. This will send you to Julie Farkas at the Old Mormon Fort. She’ll then send you to a man named Ezekiel at the 188 Trading Post. Speaking with Ezekiel about the Khans will result in him giving you a book on the history of the Mongol Empire. Return to Papa Khan with the book and you’ll be presented with two dialogue options again, with each representing the two possible endings.

Provided you don’t want an NCR/Great Khan alliance, this will end Oh My Papa and this part of For the Republic Part 2. There are a lot of different options and moving parts with this part of the quest, so don’t be afraid to take your time. This is going to be something you’ll have to deal with from now right up until the end of the game.

The Omertas

The Omertas

Once you deal with the Khans and report back to Moore, she’ll send you to figure out what the Omertas are up to. In case you’re not aware, the Omertas are the family in charge of the Gomorrah casino on the Strip.

This part of For the Republic Part 2, like Oh My Papa, requires you to complete a faction-related sidequest. In this case, it’s How Little We Know. Also, like with the Khans, this quest ties into a whole bunch of other content and sidequests, so expect to lock yourself out of certain options here and there depending on how you resolve it.

How Little We Know

Your first stop will be Liza O’Malley over at the NCR Embassy on the Strip. Speak to her, and she’ll send you over to speak with the Gomorrah receptionist.

The receptionist has all the gossip on the goings-on around Gomorrah. In particular, she’ll recommend that you speak with Cachino regarding what the family is up to.

Ensure Cachino’s Cooperation

Cachino will want nothing to do with you at first, so you’re going to have to find some information to blackmail him with.

For this, you need Cachino’s Journal. There are two different ways to get your hands on the journal. First, you can pickpocket it from him right then and there. If that fails, you can loot it from his desk in his Gommorah suite room. You’ll need to buy the key from the receptionist first, though.

Bring the journal to Cachino and he’ll advise you to speak with either Troike or Clanden if you’re looking for information regarding the Omertas family.

Deal with Clanden and Speak with Troike

Deal with Clanden and Speak with Troike

You don’t actually need to interact with both Troike and Clanden to finish How Little We Know, although not doing so means you’re kept in the dark regarding what the bosses are up to, all you’ll know is that you’ve stopped it. So, I recommend visiting both, especially if you’ve never played through the quest before.

If you do deal with Clanden, a little investigatory work will reveal two things. A: he’s an explosives expert planning a gas attack on the NCR, and B: he’s got a thing for snuff films. So, yeah, a real reprehensible dude. Feel free to kill him.

If you return to Cachino now, you’ll progress to the last step of the quest. Instead, you should pay a visit to Troike.

Troike is a smuggler that the Omertas are using to get a massive stockpile of guns onto the Strip. Needless to say, you don’t want that, so you’ll need to destroy those guns. There are a few different ways to ensure Troike’s cooperation on the matter.

You can either pass a level 80 Speech check with Troike himself, a level 53 Speech check with Big Sal, or a Barter check of 45 with Big Sal to convince him to let Troike out of his contract.

If you can’t pass any of these, you’ll need to either pick the lock to Big Sal’s safe in his office or hack his terminal. If you don’t have the Lockpick or Science skill for either of these, you can pickpocket Sal’s password off of him.

Once Troike’s assistance has been required, he’ll tell you where the guns are, as well as what the family is planning to do with them. From here, you can either destroy the guns yourself or pass a level 70 Speech to have Troike do it for you.

If you choose the latter, you’ll need to leave the casino and wait a few hours before this part of the quest is completed. Otherwise, follow your quest objective down to the utility basement and destroy them yourself.

Deal with the Bosses

Once either, or both Troike and Clanden have been dealt with, Cachino will inform you that the bosses want a word. He’ll also let you know that this is bad news.

You can pass a Speech check of 80 at this point to convince Cachino that you’re no good with a weapon and that he should kill the bosses himself. Otherwise, he’ll give you a shotgun and help you during the ensuing fight.

When you get up to the Bosses’ office, you can either attack them right away or speak with them. During the course of the conversation, you’ll be presented with a level 80 Speech check to convince them to attack each other.

Either way, you’ll need to kill them.

Once that’s done, How Little We Know will complete and Cachino will take over Gomorrah. This marks the completion of this part of For the Republic Part 2, so head back to Colonel Moore to start the next phase of the quest.

Mr. House

This next part of For the Republic Part 2 is arguably the shortest out of every section of the quest. Rather than dealing with an entire faction, all you need to do here is kill one person: Mr. House.

Needless to say, completing this task will lock you out of the House Always Wins main questline. So be aware that it’s a point of no return.

Kill Mr. House

Kill Mr. House

There is no side quest associated with this objective. You don’t have to do anything fancy or worry about any other quest interactions. All you need to focus on is a good old-fashioned formally sanctioned political assassination.

After speaking with Moore at the dam, return to the Lucky 38 and take the elevator all the way up to Mr. House’s Penthouse.

There’s a terminal in the Penthouse that you’ll need to open House’s Antechamber. Bear in mind that using this terminal to open the chamber is the point of no return for Mr. House, and will make all the Securitrons in the area turn hostile (any outside the Penthouse remain non-hostile).

There are three different ways to unlock the terminal:

  • A Science skill of 75 to hack it.
  • The Lucky 38 VIP Keycard which can be obtained from Cheif Hanlon’s desk in Camp Golf, or from the H&H Tools Factory.
  • The Platinum Chip.

You should already have the Platinum Chip in your possession at this point, so accessing the terminal shouldn’t be an issue. If it is, you’ll need to make the detour needed to pick up a VIP Keycard.

The Securitrons in the Penthouse are no joke, so sneak past them with a Stealth Boy if you have to. There is also a terminal in the Antechamber that allows you to perform a security override on them, turning them passive.

Once in the Antechamber, you need to activate a terminal on the wall to enable the use of the nearby elevator. Take the elevator down to the control room.

In the control room, you need to activate the terminal in front of you and select “Unseal LS chamber.” Doing this will expose Mr. House.

Speak with the man face to face and he’ll, understandably so, be quite upset. There’s also no way to safely put him back in his life support chamber, so you’ve sealed his fate.

Either kill Mr. House (using a 9 Iron or Nephi’s Golf Driver with GRA installed yields a challenge completion and a Bioshock easter egg) or leave him to the elements. Both options work out the same.

Leave the Lucky 38 and report back to Moore. The Penthouse Securitrons will no longer be hostile to you should you decide to head back there in the future.

The Brotherhood of Steel

The last faction Moore sends you to subdue is the Brotherhood of steel. Depending on whether or not you’ve completed Still in the Dark, it’s possible to sign a truce between the NCR and Brotherhood. If this quest hasn’t been completed, you can do it now.

However, if you made Hardin the Elder, you will not be able to barter a peace treaty between the two factions, leaving you with no option but to destroy them.

Destroy the Brotherhood

Destroy the Brotherhood

Wiping the Brotherhood out is the same as it was with the Khans, with one additional option.

So, you can manually kill all of the chapter’s members, or you can pickpocket three codes from high-ranking BoS members to trigger the bunker’s self-destruct sequence.

Using the self-destruct sequence will automatically make you vilified, meaning Veronica will instantly leave you if she’s your New Vegas companion. However, if you’re idolized by the group and stealth-kill all the members, instead, your reputation will not drop low enough for her to leave you, provided you haven’t brought her with you.

You can avoid pickpocketing the key cards with a  Science skill of 100. Otherwise, you’ll need the cards from the Elder, Head Paladin, and Head Scribe, all of which can be found in level L2 of the bunker. You’ll also need to pickpocket a key from the guards protecting the Elder, otherwise, the final door of the bunker will have a very hard lock when you try to escape.

With the three keycards, take the code from the terminal next to the actual self-destruct initiation terminal. Then, activate the sequence. This will make you vilified and turn all the BoS members hostile against you. Either fight, run, or sneak your way out of the bunker to complete this part of the quest.

Barter a Peace Treaty

If you want to negotiate a treaty between the NCR and Brotherhood, you’ll need to keep Elder McNamara in charge and become a full member of the Brotherhood of Steel. This means completing Still in the Dark, and possibly Eyesight to the Blind, if you’re unable to speak with McNamara between the two quests.

With those requirements met, speak with McNamara and tell him that the NCR wants them destroyed. In response, he will offer a truce. Bring the offer back to Moore and she will accept.

The Brotherhood can now be seen patrolling certain areas of the Mojave, as well as in Hoover Dam, and will fight in the Battle of Hoover Dam at the end of the game.

Protect President Kimball

The last part of For the Republic Part 2 is to complete the quest You’ll know it when it happens. This is the quest that requires you to protect NCR President Kimball during his visit to Hoover Dam.

You’ll Know it When it Happens

First, you need to talk to Ranger Grant. This will trigger the events of You’ll Know it When it Happens. You can also ask him for full access during the visit, allowing you to equip weapons and enter the helipad where the President’s Vertibird lands. You need to have an NCR reputation of liked or higher to be granted this access.

There are a few different threats that you need to resolve for the visit to go smoothly, with the option to call off the visit once one of the threats has been discovered. However, if you foil all the assassination attempts quietly, then Kimball’s speech will proceed as planned.

Disarm the Vertibird

Disarm the Vertibird

Once Kimball arrives, an engineer on the helipad will plant an explosive on his Vertibird. If you’re on the helipad when the Vertibird touches down, and you have either Rex as a companion, or have the Animal Friend perk and borrowed a nearby NCR guard dog, your dog will growl as the engineer. Confronting him about this will turn him hostile, preventing the bomb from being planted but causing Kimball to immediately evacuate.

Instead, wait for Kimball to leave the Helipad before you investigate the Vertibird. Once interacted with, you’ll discover that there is a bomb planted on it. YOu need either a repair or explosives skill of 50 to disarm it. You need to pass either of these skill checks to have the visit continue, otherwise, this threat must be reported to Ranger Grant. If you do neither of these, the Vertibird will explode when the President tries to leave.

Deal with the Engineers in the Crowd

There are two engineers in the crowd who demand your attention. The first stands near the sandbags towards the left of the area. Speaking with him will cause him to flee. You can, but don’t have to, kill him.

The second engineer shows up to the crowd late and stands in the back. Pickpocket him and you’ll notice a failsafe explosive device. Take the device from him. You can report the device to Grant to immediately evacuate the President.

Deal with the Sniper

Lastly, there will be a Legion sniper on the tower behind Kimball. He will kill the NCR guard stationed there.

Speak with the guard at the top of the tower to discover whether or not it is the Legionnaire. If not, wait until he enters the area through the hatch. Kill him. You can then report this to Grant through the nearby radio to trigger an evacuation.

Once all of these threats have been dealt with, and Kimball has left the area, dead or alive, return to Moore. This will end both You’ll Know it When it Happens and this For the Republic Part 2 guide. Completing For the Republic Part 2 brings you into the NCR endgame.

Quest Rewards

There are no quest rewards for completing For the Republic Part 2 beyond some NCR reputation and XP. Sorry, but you are doing your military duty and all that.


Question: Does the NCR like Mr. House?

Answer: The NCR does not like Mr. House. The two are political enemies and are engaged in a cold war over the control of New Vegas.

Question: How do you complete For the Republic Part 2?

Answer: To complete For the Republic Part 2, you need to:
• Deal with the Great Khans.
• Deal with the Omertas.
• Deal with Mr. House.
• Deal with the Brotherhood of Steel.
• Complete You’ll Know it When it Happens.

Question: Can you get the Great Khans to join the NCR?

Answer: Yes, you can get the Great Khans to join the NCR by assassinating Papa Khan and replacing him with Regis at the end of Oh My Papa.


That’s all I have for you in this For the Republic Part 2 guide. I hope this helps make the entire NCR experience a little bit easier.

Of course, there are a ton more quests needed to bring the NCR to full strength before the Battle of Hoover Dam. However, those are all optional side quests.

If you are doing an NCR playthrough, though, I recommend you seek them out and complete them, too.

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